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China-Hong Kong Direct Mail Service

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A Direct Way to Target Mainland Consumers for Business Success

Enhance the effectiveness of your promotion campaigns with our China-Hong Kong Direct Mail Service

With the continual expansion of the Individual Visit Scheme, and the development of closer economic and business ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland, arrivals from the Mainland make up the largest proportion of tourists in the city. Growing Mainland consumer demand in areas such as tourism, leisure, entertainment and retail creates significant business opportunities for many Hong Kong enterprises.

To cater for the needs of local enterprises, Hongkong Post partners with China Post to launch the China-Hong Kong Direct Mail Service. The service offers Hong Kong SMEs and larger enterprises a customised marketing solution for getting information about their products to Mainland consumers quickly and effectively.

A particularly valuable feature of the direct mail service is its 'one stop' character: Hongkong Post handles everything from selection and rental of mailing lists, through to printing, delivery, and reporting. The simplicity of the service means it is ideal for encouraging repeat purchases by Mainland customers.

Advantages of China-Hong Kong Direct Mail Service

  • Raise brand awareness in the Mainland
  • Professional and convenient one-stop DM services at an affordable price
  • Well-segmented mailing list allows precise targeting of both the residential and commercial consumers
  • Strong and reliable mail delivery network to get marketing messages across swiftly
  • Value-added services of Hongkong Post to ease your efforts in doing direct mail promotions

Service Rates

(1) Postage and List Rental

  • Inclusive of postage, list rental, label printing and enveloping.
Cities Printed Matter*
(Weight not over 100g)



Dongguan, Guangzhou


Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Harbin and Dalian



  • Minimum 5,000 items per posting.
  • Printed matter refers to paper printed materials with text and graphics, which must not have the nature of personal correspondence or contain any inserts such as samples.

(2) Printing

2.1 Envelope


Unit Price

230 x 120 mm, (No 6)


230 x 160 mm, (No 7)



  • All envelops are printed with 100g wood-free paper and in two colours.
  • All envelopes must be produced by authorised printers for China Post.

2.2 Inside Material of Direct Mail

  • For mail to be delivered to Shenzhen and Dongguan, customers may supply their own printed materials to us. Alternatively, they can use the printing service provided by China Post.
  • For mail to be delivered to other cities, the printing service provided by China Post is mandatory The pricing for the printing service will be individually quoted according to customers’ requirements.

Simple Workflow for "China-Hong Kong Direct Mail Service"

Simple  Workflow for "China-Hong Kong Direct Mail Service"

* Based on working days (for reference only, actual lead time depends on prevailing situation and mail volume)

For details, please call 2921 6526.

Please click here to download the service leaflet.

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