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Kowloon East Delivery Office

The delivery office serves your selected district is Kowloon East Delivery Office.
Address G, 1/F, 2/F & 4/F, Kowloon East Government Offices, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong Location Map from GeoInfo Map on GovHK ( 
Geospatial information in GeoInfo Map on GovHK ( relating to the location of delivery offices may be updated from time to time. For the most updated information, please refer to the 'Locations' section in this website.
Phone 2340 7021
Fax 2340 2245

Main Area Kai Yip Estate, Ping Shek Estate, Kai Tai Court, Richland Gardens, Kowloon Bay, Telford Garden, Ngau Tau Kok Lower Estate, Tak Bo Garden, Jordan Valley, Choi Ha Estate, Sau Mau Ping, Po Tat Estate, Hiu Lai Court, On Kay Court, Kwun Tong, Ngau Tau Kok Upper Estate, Lok Wah Estate, Ngau Tau Kok Garden Estate, Wo Lok Estate, Tsui Ping Estate, Po Pui Court, Lok Nga Court, Cheung Wo Court, Chun Wah Court, Lam Tim, Hong Tin Court, Hong Wah Court, Hong Ying Court, Hing Tin Court, Tak Tin Estate, Kwong Tin Estate, Laguna City, Cha Kwo Ling, Yau Tong, Ko Chun Court, Ko Yee Estate, Ko Cheung Court, Yau Mei Court, Yau Tong Estate, Lei Yue Mun, Sceneway Garden, Hong Pak Court, Hong Nga Court, Ping Tin Estate, Ma Wan Village, Shun Chi Court, Shun Lee Estate, Shun On Estate, Shun Tin Estate , San Po Kong, Choi Hung Estate, Rhythm Garden, Choi Wan Estate, Choi Fai Estate, Galaxia, Lung Poon Court
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Cha Kwo Ling Cheung Wo Court
Hing Tin Est. Chun Wah Court
Jardan Valley Hiu Lai Court
Kwun Tong Hong Nga Court
Lam Tin Hong Pak Court
Lei Yue Mun Hong Tin Court
Ngan Tau Kok Hong Wah Court
Sai Tso wan Hong Ying Court
Sau Mau Ping Kai Tai Court
  Ko Chun Court
Choi Ha Est. Lok Nga Court
Garden Est. On Kay Court
Hing Tin Est. Telford Garden
Jordan Valley Est. Po Pui Court
Kai Tin Est. Amoy Plaza
Kai Yip Est. Kai Tak Mansion
Ko Chiu Rd. Est. Laguna City
Ko Yee Est. Richland Garden
Kwong Tin Est. Sceneway Garden
Lam Tin Est. Tak Po Garden
Lei Yue Mun Road Est. Yau Tong Centre
Lok Wah Est.  
Lower Ngau Tau Kok Est. Ling Nam Sun Tsuen
Ping Shek Est. Ma Pei Village
Ping Tin Est. On Luen Village
Sau Mau Ping Est. Ma Wan Village
Shun Chi Court On Lee Sai Village
Shun Lee Est. Sam Ka Tsuen
Shun On Est.  
Shun Tin Est.  
Tak Tin Est.  
Tsui Ping Rd. Est.  
Upper Ngau Tau Kok Est.  
Wan Hon Est.  
Wo Lok Est.  
Yau Tong Est.  
Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Hang On St.
Amoycan Fty. Bldg. Hip Wo St.
Jordan Valley Fty Bldg Hiu Kwong St.
Kln East Government Office Bldg. Hiu Ming St.
United Christian Hosp. Hiu Yuk Path
Yung Fung Shee Memorial Centre Hong Lee Rd.
  Hong Ning Rd.
Choi Ha Rd. Horse Shoe Lane
Cha Kwo Ling Rd.  
Choi Shek Rd. Jordan Valley N. Rd.
Choi Wan Rd. Jordan Valley S. Rd.
Chuen Yuen Rd. Central Junk Bay Rd.
Chuen Yuen Road East Ka Lok St.
Chuen Yuen Road West Ka Wing St.
Chun Wah Rd. Kai Fuk Rd.
East Laguna St. Kai Lim Rd.
Fan Wah St. Kai Lok Rd.
Fu Yan St. Kai Shing St.
Fuk Ning Rd. Kai Tin Rd.
Fuk Tong Rd. Kai Yip Rd.
  Ko Chiu Rd.
  Kung Lok Rd.
  Kwun Tong Rd.
  Laguna St.
  Leung Tin Lane
  Lin Tak Rd.
  Luen On St.
  Ming Chi St.
  Mut Wah St.
Ngau Tau Kok First St. Tak Tin St.
Ngau Tau Kok Second St. Tin Heung St.
Ngau Tau Kok Third St. Ting Fu St.
Ngau Tau Kok Fourth St. Ting On St.
Ngau Tau Kok Fifth St. Ting Yip St.
Ngan Yuet Lane Ting Yue Square
Ngau Tau Kok Rd. Tseung Kwan O Rd.
On Shin Rd. Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Rd.
On Tak Rd.  
On Tin St. Tsui Hing St.
On Wah St. Tsui Ping Rd.
Ping Shing Lane Tsz Loi Lane
Ping Tin St. Tung Ming St.
Rehabilitation Path Tung Yan St.
Sau Lai St. Wai Fat Rd.
Sau Mau Path Wan Hon St.
Sau Ming Rd. Wing Fook St.
Sau Nga Rd. Yan Oi Court
Sau Po St. Yan Shun Lane
Sau Yan Path Yan Wing St.
Shui Ning St. Yan Hong St.
Shui Wo Path Yan Tong Rd.
Shung Wo Path Yee On St.
Shung Yan St. Yue Man square
Shing Shun Rd. Yuet Wah St.
Sin Fat Rd.  
South Laguna St.  
Kwun Tong Industrial Area Yau Tong Industrial Area
Cheung Yip St. Cho Yuen St.
Chong Yip St. Ko Fai Rd.
Hang Yip St. Shung Shun St.
Hing Yip St. Shung Tak Wai
Hoi Bun Rd. Shung Yiu St.
Hoi Yuen Rd. Sze Shan St.
How Ming Lane Tung Yuen St.
How Ming St. Yan Yue Wai
Hung To Rd.  
Hung Yip St.  
Kei Yip St.  
King Yip Lane  
King Yip St.  
Kwun Tong Rd.  
Lai Yip St.  
Shun Yip St.  
Shing Yip St.  
Siu Yip St.  
Tai Yip St.  
Tsun Yip Lane  
Wai Yip St.  
Wing Yip St.  
Kowloon Bay Industrial Area  
Kai Cheung Rd. Wang Chiu Rd.
Kai Fuk Rd. Wang Hoi Rd.
Kai Hing Rd. Wang Kee St.
Kai Shun Rd. Wang Kwun Rd.
Lam Chak St. Wang Mau St.
Lam Fook St. Wang Tai Rd.
Lam Hing St. Wang Tung St.
Lam Lee St. Wang Yuen St.
Lam Lok St. Oriental Daily News
Lam Wah St. The Sun
Sheung Yuet Rd. Sing Tao Daily News
Trademart Drive Hong Kong Standard
Wang Chin St.  
Choi Fung Court  
Choi Hung Est.  
Ngau Chi Wan Est.  
Choi Hung Road (except no. 121)  
Foo Yuen St.  
Bay View Garden  
Choi Wan Est.  
Choi Fai Est  
Lung Poon Court  
Clear Water Bay Rd. (No.1 - 183)  
Hing Yip Bldg.  
Caritas Temporary Shelter  
Prince Edward Rd(E) (No. 600 – End)  
Kam Chi Path  
Sam Chuk St.  
Kam Wing St.  
King Fuk St.  
King Tai St.  
Sheung Hei St.  
Shung Ling St.  
Luk Hop St.  
Sze Mei St.  
Lung Chi Path  
Tai Yau St.  
Lung Poon St.  
Tsat Po St.  
Tseuk Luk St.  
Ng Fong St.  
Ngau Chi Path  
Ning Yuen St.  
Yan Oi St  
Yi Lun St.  
Pat Tat St.  
Yin Hing St.  
Wing Ting Rd (No. 2 & No.22 Wing Ting Rd)  
Hong Keung St.  

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Last review date : 27 March 2015