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Tseung Kwan O Delivery Office

The delivery office serves your selected district is Tseung Kwan O Delivery Office.
Address Shop 30-32, G/F, Hau Tak Shopping Centre, Hau Tak Estate Location Map from GeoInfo Map on GovHK ( 
Geospatial information in GeoInfo Map on GovHK ( relating to the location of delivery offices may be updated from time to time. For the most updated information, please refer to the 'Locations' section in this website.
Phone 2703 9366
Fax 2623 4797

Main Area Ocean Shores, Oscar by the Sea, Chung Ming Court, Hin Ming Court, Yan Ming Court, Ho Ming Court, Ying Ming Court, King Ming Court, Yu Ming Court, Yuk Ming Court, Kwong Ming Court, Wo Ming Court, Hau Tak Est., Ming Tak Est., Sheung Tak Est., King Lam Est., Po Lam Est., Tsui Lam Est., Beverly Garden, Fu Ning Garden, Hong Shing Garden, On Ning Garden, Finery Park, The Pinnacle, Well on Garden, East Point City, Metro City, Maritime Bay, Verbena Heights, Hang Hau Village, Yau Yue Wan Village, Tseung Kwan O Village
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Tseung Kwan O P.O. Box No. 65001-65500  
Chung Ming Court Chap Fuk Rd.
Hin Ming Court Chiu Shun Rd.
Yan Ming Court Chun Cheong St.
Ho Ming Court Chun Choi St.
Ying Ming Court Chun Kwong St.
King Ming Court Chun Wang St.
Yu Ming Court Chun Yat St.
Yuk Ming Court Chun Ying St.
Kwong Ming Court Chung Wa Rd.
Wo Ming Court JBTL (No. 1)
Hau Tak Est. Lam Shing Rd.
Ming Tak Est. Ling Hong Rd.
Sheung Tak Est. Mau Tai Rd.
King Lam Est. Mau Yip rd.
Po Lam Est. Ngan O Rd.
Tsui Lam Est. Po Fung Rd.
  Po Hong Rd.
Beverly Garden Po Lam Road North
Fu Ning Garden Po Ning Rd.
Hong Shing Garden Po Shun Rd.
On Ning Garden Pui Shing Rd.
Finery Park Shek Kok Rd.
The Pinnacle Sheung Ning Rd.
Well on Garden Ting Wo Lane
East Point City To Lok Rd.
Metro City Tong Chun St.
Maritime Bay Tong Ming St.
Verbena Heights Tong Tak St.
  Tong Yin St.
Hang Hau Village Tsui Lam Rd.
Yau Yue Wan Village Wan Hang Rd.
Tseung Kwan O Village Wan Lung Rd.
  Wing Lai Rd.
Anderson Road Nam Fung Plaza
A Kung Wan Road Ng Fai Tin
Bauhinia Garden Pak Shek Wo
Choi Ming Court Pak To Avenue
Clear Water Bay Apartment Pan Long Wan
Hillview Court Park Central
Fei Ha Road Pik Sha Road
Fei Ngo Shan Road Pik Shui San Chuen
Fei Wan Road
FSD Married Qtrs. Po Ming Crt.
Ha yeung Po Toi O
Hang Hau Road Residence Osais
Hang Hau Village Radiant Tower
Hang Hau Wing Lung Road Razor Hill Road
Heaven of Hope Road Serenity Place
Sheung Sze Wan
Jade Lane Tai Hang Hau
Jat's Incline Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen
Jolly Place Silver Cape Road
Ka Shue Road Silver Crest Road
Kam Shue Road Silverstrand Beach Road
Kin Ming Est. Silver Star Path
La Cite Nobel Silver Stream Path
Leung Fai Tsai Village Silver Terrace Road
Lung Ha Wan Siu Hang Hau
Ma Wu Tsai Village Tai Au Mun
Ma Yau Tong Village Tai Hang Hau
Mang Kung UK Tai Po Tsai
Metro Town Pak Shek Terrace
The Metropolis The Grandiose
  Tin Ha Wan Village
  Tong Ming Crt.
  Tseng Lan Shue
  Tseung Kwan O Industrial Central
  Tseung Kwan O Plaza
  Yuk Nga Lane

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Last review date : 22 September 2015