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Local CourierPost

Local CourierPost - As Reliable and speedy as Passing Document from One Hand to Another.

Local CourierpostLocal CourierPost provides you with a fast, reliable and price competitive local courier service in Hong Kong.

Local CourierPost

  1. For items posted on or before the cut-off time of a working day, we guarantee on-time delivery# to our service areas*.
  2. The greater your monthly usage volume, the lower the unit charge per item. No pre-payment of service fee is required.
  3. Account customers enjoy preferential rates and both on demand and scheduled pick-up service.
  4. Extensive service area coverage at a uniform charge.
  5. Service available on Saturdays with postings accepted on Sundays and public holidays.

Discount for Returned Delivery

Counter Collection Service

  • Customers can pick up items directly from any of our post offices (except mobile post offices).
  • This offering particularly caters for those recipients who prefer to collect their mail items at the time and the post office of their choice.
  • Simply register at the "EC-Ship" online platform ( to enjoy this service.

Postage Prepaid Envelope [PDF, 2 page of 872KB]

  1. For items posted before the mail collection time stated on posting box, we guarantee on-time delivery# to our service areas*
  2. Can be posted at any posting boxes or post offices located all over the territory.
  3. Each envelope is sold at $30.5 for document posting up to maximum weight of 500g.

Postage Prepaid Envelope

# Except on Sundays, public holidays, when the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, or when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted.
* For the items destined to major commercial and industrial areas, the guaranteed delivery time is by 1pm on the next working day. Items sent to other service areas will be delivered by 5pm on the next working day.

Collection / Redelivery Service for Local CourierPost

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Last revision date : 30 March 2015