Air Parcel & Surface Parcel Services Rates Adjustment

Air Parcel and Surface Parcel rates will be revised with effect from 1 January 2015. Please refer the Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 for the new service rate plan. Enquiries can be made to the Hongkong Post Telephone Enquiry Hotline at 2921 2222.

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Customers can send parcels at any post office in Hong Kong to over 200 destinations by air mail or surface mail.

Tracking Parcel:

Customers can check the delivery status of their parcel by accessing our website or making enquiry to us. At present, tracking parcel through internet is confined to a group of destinations which will be expanded in time.

Postage Rates:

Please refer to "Postage Rates" of

Size Limit:

Length : 1.5m (XP) / 1.05m (P)
Girth + Length : 3m (XP) / 2m (P) / 2.75m (including USA & Puerto Rico)

Minimum (Same as letters):
Length + 2 x Diameter : 170mm; Greatest Dimension may not be less than 100mm
[Non-cylindrical] 90mm x 140mm

Weight Limit:

10 - 30 kg (depending on the destination)

Customs declaration:

All goods sent to destinations outside Hong Kong by post, whether in letter packets, small packets or parcels must be declared to Customs on special forms available at post offices. In order that the mail item can be handled and delivered correctly at the destination, the forms should be completed in English or a language which is accepted in the destination.

Other restrictions:

Please refer to "Post Office Guide" under" News & Publication" of


  • No compensation is payable in the event of delay of parcel item.
  • If the parcel is damaged, compensation is made according to the weight of the item upon posting.
  • If the parcel is lost, compensation is made according to the weight of the item plus refund of the postage upon posting.


  • If necessary, customers shall consider buying insurance for their parcel item.
  • If the parcel is undeliverable and returned earlier than a date specified by the sender, the sender shall pay for the charges involved for the return of the undeliverable parcel.
  • Enquiries about a postal article must be made within five months from the date of posting.


General enquiry :-
Telephone: (852) 2921 2222 / Fax : (852) 2868 0094
Hongkong Post Website :

Tracing of parcel :-
Telephone : (852) 2921 2560 or (852) 2921 2211 / Fax : (852) 2543 0469
(Enquiry form for tracing parcel is obtainable at any post office.)

Return of undeliverable parcel:

Senders shall pay for the charges involved for the return of an undeliverable parcel. The postal administration at the destination shall arrange for the return of the parcel by the most appropriate means in use, either by air or by surface.


Last revision date : 5 December 2014