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Supplementary Services

Standard Letter Boxes

  • Standard A4-sized stainless letter boxes with an address plate are available for sale at the following post offices:
    Hong Kong Kowloon New Territories Outlying Islands
    • General Post Office Post Office
    • Chai Wan Post Office
    • Kennedy Town Post Office
    • Queen's Road Post Office
    • Shau Kei Wan Post Office
    • Sheung Wan Post Office
    • Sai Ying Pun Post Office
    • Wan Chai Post Office
    • Gillies Avenue Post Office
    • Kowloon Central Post Office
    • Kwun Tong Post Office
    • Kwong Wa Street Post Office
    • Mong Kok Post Office
    • Sham Shui Po Post Office
    • Tai Kok Tsui Post Office
    • Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office
    • Kam Tin Post Office
    • Sha Tin Central Post Office
    • Sai Kung Post Office
    • San Tin Post Office
    • Shek Wu Hui Post Office
    • Tuen Mun Central Post Office
    • Tai Po Post Office
    • Tsuen Wan Post Office
    • Yuen Long Post Office
    • Cheung Chau Post Office
    • Peng Chau Post Office
    • Lamma Island Post Office
    • Mui Wo Post Office
    • Tai O Post Office

Size: Height 390mm x Width 280mm x Depth 70mm
Standard Letter Boxes
Price: HK$280 each


  • For the added security of collecting the signature of the addressee (or their agent) and internal monitoring within the postal system. A fee of $15.5 is charged to all local and international destinations.
  • If an advice of receipt is required an additional fee of $11 should be paid at the time of posting. Requests for advice of receipt are accepted only at the time of posting. Registration is available for letters and packets but not parcels. The Insurance service should be used for parcels. Compensation up to HK$320 is payable in the event of damage or loss of registered packets. Full details on the registration service are set out in the Post Office Guide, available at any post office. For posting of local registered items, multi-part address packs (Pos 650) should be used. The pack should be affixed onto the envelope and the name and address of the recipient should be fully completed in the appropriate space. The packs are obtainable from all post offices.

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Insurance (Overseas mail only)

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Recorded Delivery (Local letter mail only)

  • A simpler and lower cost alternative to the registration service for items sent within Hong Kong. A fee of $12.5 is charged. A record is kept by the delivery office that the delivery was successfully completed.

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Speedpost (Overseas mail only)

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Freepost (Local mail only)

  • A convenient and cost effective way to maximise customers' response rate for your promotions. By simply applying to use our Freepost service, you are no longer required to send out self-addressed reply envelopes in your local direct mail campaign. Even if you would like to include a reply slip / envelope in your direct mail, no special design nor format is required. There is no minimum quantity set for the Freepost items. No licence fee or any initial deposit is required. Each Freepost item delivered is subject to a handling fee of 60 cents in addition to the normal postage. Charges will be settled monthly based on the actual number of Freepost items you receive.
  • Application forms are available at all post offices. For enquiries, please contact the Hongkong Post Financial Services Division on Tel: 2921 2250 or Fax: 2526 1198.

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Business Reply Service (Local mail only)

  • Used by a business that wishes to obtain a reply from a client without requiring the client to pay the postage. Using a preprinted card or envelope, the item can be posted without postage and this will be levied on the receiver at the time of delivery.
  • See the Post Office Guide for full details of the service. Each item is charged at $0.5.

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International Business Reply Service (Overseas mail only)

  • The same service as above but for international mail. The items are sent in the air mail stream. Each item must weight under 50g and are charged a flat rate of $6.00. For full details see the Post Office Guide.

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International Reply Coupons

  • These coupons are exchangable at post offices overseas for postage stamps and enable the sender of an international letter to prepay the reply. A coupon costs $14 and can be exchanged for international postage stamps for an unregistered air mail letter not weighing over 20g.

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Redirection of Mail

  • Subject to certain conditions, letters, packets and parcels will be redirected for 3 months at a charge of $125 for private user or $375 for business user. This service may be continued upon payment of the prescribed fee. See the Post Office Guide for full details.
  • Please fill in the Pos 800 form to apply for the redirection of mail service.

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Post Office Boxes

  • Fees for Post Office Box Rental are shown below.
    See the Post Office Guide for full details of the service

    Annual Rental
    Small Box Large Box
    General Post Office $625 $815
    Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office $625 $815
    Kowloon Central Post Office $400 -
    Other Post Offices $340 $400

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Postpack Packaging

  • A range of high quality protective packaging.
Code Dimensions (mm) Price (each)
M1 370 x 250 x 210 $17.00
M2 430 x 350 x 260 $23.00
M3 455 x 425 x 335 $34.00
M4 730 x 550 x 460 $45.00

Code Dimensions (mm) Price (each)
P1 310 x 225 x 170 $13.00
P3  225 x 170 x 150 $11.00
P5 180 x 155 x 100 $8.00
L1 440 x 340 x 100 $14.00 Postpack Cartons
L3 380 x 280 x 90 $10.00
L5 335 x 255 x 90 $7.00

Code Dimensions (mm) Price (each)
1 445 x 50 $11.00
2 740 x 50 $15.00
3 740 x 80 $17.00

Code Dimensions (mm) Price (each)
00 225 x 125 $7.00
CD 184 x 200 $7.00
2 280 x 215 $9.00
5 380 x 265 $11.00
7 480 x 360 $14.00

Private Franking Machine – an indispensable helper to handle your mail

  • Handling your postage payments efficiently
    If you are sending a large volume of mail with varying postage amounts, a Private Franking Machine can save your time and effort. Not only will you save time sticking stamps on all your mail, you will also save time queuing at the post office. A Private Franking Machine is an easy and convenient way to improve your working efficiency.

  • Easy operation means speed and convenience
    There are different models of franking machines available on the market, each with special easy-to-use features depending on your needs.

    To enjoy the benefits of a Private Franking Machine, all you need to do is to obtain a franker licence and prepay postage for the machine meter before using it.  You will then be able to frank your mail and send it without having to stick stamps on each individual item.

  • Your company ID adds extra value
    You can also add a specially designed logo/slogan to your franked impression so every item of mail you send also helps promote your business. Logos and slogans must be submitted to the Hongkong Post for approval.

  • Adjustable credit limits allow greater flexibility
    Normally, the meter credit limit is HK$50,000. However, if you require a higher limit to facilitate your postings in bulk, you may apply to Hongkong Post for an increase of this credit limit.

Four simple ways to obtain the best results

  • Make sure you get a clear franked impression
    The postage amount and postal data should be clear, distinct and complete. The franking date must also correspond with the actual date of posting.

  • Sort your mail
    Prior to posting your franked mail, you should arrange your mail with address side facing up, and sort it into the following categories each tied into separate bundles:

    • Air mail
    • Surface mail to other countries
    • Local letters
    • Mail bearing both postage stamps and franked impressions
      (Posting mail at General Post Office frees you from tying your mail into bundles.  Just arrange letters with the same side facing one direction and place them in the corresponding boxes.)

    Other franked mail such as parcels, Speedpost items, registered letters, express mail or insured letters must be posted at the post office specified on the franker licence

  • Post on the franked date
    Post your franked mail at the designated post office of the date shown before the last collection time as displayed on the office frontage.  If you cannot make it before the last collection time, please change the impression date to the following working day.

  • Submit your "Postage Meter Weekly Docket"
    Whether the franking machine has been used or not, you are required to hand in a Postage Meter Weekly Docket (Pos 23) with daily entries marked to your specified post office on the last working day of the week.

    You can submit your Postage Meter Weekly Docket by tying it to your last bundle of mail (the docket must be placed on top of the bundle with written side facing upward) before sending it to the specified post office.  If you do not have any items to post on that day, you can fax the Postage Meter Weekly Docket to the specified post office.

  • Inspect your machine regularly
    Arrange a maintenance agreement with an authorized dealer who will inspect and maintain your franking machine at least twice every six months.

    If you have not reset your franking machine meter at the specified post office in three months(twelve months for digital postal franking machine), you will be required to bring it (whether used or not) to the specified post office for inspection.

Speedy 5-day licence application

  • Simply contact any of the following dealers who will forward your application to the Hongkong Post for processing. Usually, the Hongkong Post will issue a licence within 5 working days upon receipt of your application from the dealer.

    Authorized dealers Tel
    Chevalier (OA) Ltd.
    9/F Chevalier Engineering Service Centre,
    21 Sheung Yuet Road,
    Kowloon Bay, Kowloon.
    2798 4483
    Jardine OneSolution (HK) Ltd.
    19/F Tower 1, Millennium City, 388 Kwun Tong Road,
    Kwun Tong, Kowloon.
    2590 9090 / 2880 3990
    Pitney Bowes Hong Kong Ltd.
    Unit 3101, 31/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road,
    North Point, Hong Kong.
    3413 7800

For more information

  • Contact our Private Franking Machine Unit at 2921 2860.

To be the Authorized Franking Machine Dealer for Hongkong Post

  • If your company is interested to be the authorized franking machine dealer in order to sell, lease or rent and maintain the types of franking machines approved by Hongkong Post, please note the following:
    • Prior approval of the franking machine model(s) concerned from Hongkong Post is required before the sale of the franking machines concerned in Hong Kong.
    • The company should be with more than 3 years’ experience in the franking machine-related business and with presence in Hong Kong.
    • The company should be with strong and healthy financial situation in the past 3 years (to be supported by financial statements of the company concerned for the latest 3 years and bank reference).
    • The franking machines to be sold should be approved in any two of the following six markets before it can be submitted for approval in Hong Kong:

      - Australia
      - Canada
      - France
      - Germany
      - UK
      - USA

Application and Assessment

1. Download and complete the following application form.
Download the Application Form for being the Authorized Franking Machine Dealer
2. You may fax the completed form to Fax No. 2526 1198 or post it to Private Franking Machine Unit, International Mail Accounts Section, Financial Services Division, 3/F, Hongkong Post Headquarters, 2 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong.
3. Hongkong Post will then contact the applicant and conduct detailed assessment to the types of franking machines that the applicant has applied for seeking the approval to be sold in HK.

For more enquiry on being the Authorized Franking Machine Dealer

  • Please contact our Private Franking Machine Unit at 2921 2860.

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Last revision date : 16 September 2015