Hongkong Post is committed to doing business in a socially responsible manner and it is closely involved in the community it serves.

Working with Charitable Organization

Supporting Y MULTI - Cross Cultural Social Enterprise

Hongkong Post provides venue support to YMCA of Hong Kong for the setup of Y Multi Pop Up Store to sell handmade ethnic products and henna drawing service at the General Post Office for 6 consecutive days from 29 August – 3 September 2016, offering an opportunity for the social enterprise store owners to learn the best practice of business and fundraising.

Y Multi Pop up Store is jointly run by ethnic minorities and local grassroots women through designing and making multicultural products, such as handmade Lokta paper bookmarks and handpainted notebooks, Henna designed photo frames and cushion covers etc.


PostCare Club

Our PostCare Club, comprising staff of Hongkong Post and their family members, promotes care and concern for the less privileged in the community. Activities organised during the year included:


Preparing Young People for the Workplace

Hongkong Post participates in a number of programmes to help students to prepare for the transition from schools or universities to the workplace. In the summer of 2015, 12 students took part in the Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme. They gained useful work experience in human resource management, accounting, marketing and information system development. We also hosted a Job Shadow Day for 15 secondary students in March 2016 under the Job Shadowing Programme organised by Junior Achievement Hong Kong. In the same month, we participated in the “Career Explorer – Government Departments” Programme under the CLAP for Youth @JC project to offer guidance to youths before they join the job market by introducing to them the postal industry and the postal operations in HKP.


Other Charitable Activities

As a socially responsible organisation, Hongkong Post stays closely involved in the community it serves. In 2015/16, we participated in a variety of charitable activities organised by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, including the “Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme”, and “Love Teeth Day”. We also supported other charitable organisations by promoting their activities across HKP.


Barrier-free Access

Under the barrier-free access programme launched in 2011, we aim to enhance public accessibility to our postal services. All 119 post offices under HKP are equipped with barrier free access facilities, including accessible service counter, tactile guide path, assistive listening system and visual fire alarm system.