A new version of Hongkong Post Mobile App is launched to provide personalised postal services. User can register on the App with the mobile phone number to experience the following functions:

A brief on the major functions

  1. “Post Now” platform

    An on-line posting platform to provide a convenient and user-friendly means for customers to prepare online posting.

  2. Mail Tracking

    Trace your mail items by simply entering the mail item number or scanning the code shown on the receipt of posting. You can also share the latest delivery status of a mail item via SMS, email or other mobile messaging apps.

  3. Postage Calculation

    Calculate postages and show related information for the posting of mail items according to destinations and different service requirements, and offer comparisons on different options in order of postages, delivery time or your personal preference, enabling you to go for the option that suits you best.

  4. In Search of Postal Facilities

    Locate the nearest post offices, iPostal stations, street posting boxes and mobile post offices on the map through the built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) of your mobile device and provide details, such as addresses, opening hours and postal services available.

  5. Mail Posting History

    Check the posting history of mail items prepared via “Post Now” platform (registration of mobile phone number is required).

  6. Easy Pre-Customs

    Provide information electronically for customs clearance before posting your mail items, enabling customs authorities of destinations with postal e-Customs clearance implemented to receive the declared information before the arrival of the mail items and arrange pre-arrival clearance accordingly so as to enhance the efficiency and speed up the process of delivery.

  7. Major Postal Services

    Give you a brief account of the major postal services of Hongkong Post so that you can better understand the services we provide.

  8. Mailing Address Format Finder

    Find the correct mailing address format for local post and save them in the mobile app for future use.

  9. Change of Collection Points or Delivery Date

    Register on the App with the item number and passcode sent in SMS by Hongkong Post to change the collection point to iPostal Stations or post office (applicable to inward EMS/Parcel with the electronic data including recipient’s mobile number already provided to the original postal administration and local parcel/EC-Get mail items with recipient’s mobile number provided), or change the delivery date (applicable to the above-mentioned inward EMS and inward/local parcel).

  10. Pick-up Service (Speedpost/Local CourierPost)

    Besides posting at acceptance offices, Speedpost and Local CourierPost customers can also post their mail items by using pick-up service.

* Internet connection is required for this mobile app to access the latest postal information.

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