Purpose of Postcode

The main purpose of developing a postcode system is to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail items with a view to enhancing the efficiency of postal operations.

Why Postcode System is not adopted in Hong Kong?

Against the following considerations, postcode system is not adopted in Hong Kong:

  1. The mechanised letter sorting system now adopted by Hongkong Post is capable of identifying over 90% of mail items with printed or written English addresses as well as printed Chinese addresses, and sorting the mail items into individual delivery beats. It is unlikely that the use of postcodes would considerably enhance the efficiency of postal operations.
  2. Typically, postcodes of other postal administrations consist of five to seven digits, denoting all buildings covered by mail delivery by district and by street. If a unique and structured postcode is to be assigned to each of the three million local residential and commercial addresses, postcodes up to 15 digits may be needed. Hence, the use of such postcode system is not user-friendly in Hong Kong.

Given the fact that in the absence of a postcode system in Hong Kong, mail delivery still attains a very high performance standard, we therefore do not have any plan to introduce such a system.

How to input Hong Kong postcode at website?

If it is required to input postcode of Hong Kong at website(s), you may leave the field blank or try to fill in with "000", "0000", "000000" or "HKG" which are frequently used by others nowadays.