Revised Requirements for Mailing Articles of Foods to USA


As advised by United States Postal Service through the Universal Postal Union, the US Food and Drug Authorities have relaxed the requirement of obtaining prior notice before the dispatch of food products for non-commercial purpose to the USA. The latest regulations regarding the mailing of articles of foods to USA are as follows:

Commercial Category

Business wishing to send manufactured food products by post to the US must obtain a prior reference number from the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) at its web site For the purpose of prior notice, "food" means (1) articles of food or drink for man or other animals; (2) chewing gum and (3) articles used as components of any such articles, except that it does not include food contact substances or pesticides.

Mail shipments containing food articles for which a prior notice confirmation number has not been entered on the customs declaration may be returned to the sender or (if no return address is included) destroyed.

Non-commercial Category

The requirements for prior notice do not apply to food arriving into the US by international mail, food made by an individual in his/her personal residence and sent as a personal gift for non-business reasons to an individual in the US, or food imported or offered for import for non-commercial purpose. However, if the food products are posted by the commercial establishment on one’s behalf, the prior notification requirements will still apply.