Postal services to certain destinations subject to delay


Throughout the pandemic, Hongkong Post has been putting our best efforts to minimise the disruptions to our services. However, owing to insufficient air flight and sea container capacity, we regret that extra time may be required for conveyance of your mail items (including Speedpost) to their destinations despite completion of the local processing work.  Please find the information in the table below. In addition, delivery operations of our overseas counterparts may also be affected due to the pandemic.

Air mail - Destinations Extra time required in waiting for air allotment
Speedpost service Other airmail services
Asia Mainland China^ Less than 1 week Around 1 week. And around 2 weeks for air parcel service.
Europe United Kingdom Less than 1 week Around 1 week
Surface mail - Destinations Extra time required in waiting for sea container capacity*
Asia Mainland China^# Around 1 week
India Around 1 week
Europe Germany Around 1 week
Italy Around 1 week
Netherlands Around 1 week
Switzerland Around 1 week

^ In view of the respective pandemic control measures at different provinces/cities, upon arrival at Mainland China, all mail items will be subject to 48-hours disinfection followed by a certain waiting period as required locally. Subsequent processing and delivery may also be delayed by 1 to 2 weeks for air mail service (including Speedpost) and 3 to 4 weeks for surface mail. Longer time may also be required for certain provinces/ cities.
# Surface packet and parcel services to Guangdong Province are under suspension.
* Generally speaking, mail despatches will be handed over to the carrier within 10 - 15 working days of the latest date of posting. The above listed are the extra time required.

Please visit our web page at on the service availability for overseas destinations.

Thank you for your understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.