Revision of Postages for Local Bulk Mail Service (with effect from 26 September 2022)


Hongkong Post will revise the postage rates of the Local Bulk Mail Service with effect from 26 September 2022.

The new postage rate plan for Local Bulk Mail Service is shown below.

  Local Bulk Mail Service Local Principal Postage Rate
Bulk Economy# Bulk Ordinary* Ordinary
Weight Not Exceeding MLSS compliant Non-MLSS compliant MLSS compliant Small Letter Large Letter Packet
Small Letter Small Letter Large Letter Small Letter
30 g $1.95 $2.15 $3.90 $2.00 $2.20 $4.10 $5.60
50 g $2.95 $3.25 $3.00 $3.30
100 g     $5.10     $5.40
250 g $7.40 $7.90 $8.20
500 g $13.85 $14.60 $15.50
1 kg     $30.00
2 kg $48.00


  1. * The delivery standard of “Bulk Ordinary” mails follows the same delivery standard of ordinary local mails charging by principal postage.
    # “Bulk Economy” mails will be delivered within three working days after posting.
  2. MLSS Compliant mails refers to items that meet specific mandatory requirements of the Mechanised Letter Sorting System of Hongkong Post. The detailed requirements are stipulated in the respective service page of Hongkong Post website.
  3. Any posting of 2,000 identical items or above has to comply with the general posting procedures and conditions of Local Bulk Mail Service. Please refer to the details provided at the respective service page of Hongkong Post website.

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