Revision of Postages and Posting Conditions for Local Bulk Mail Service (with effect from 1 April 2016)


Hongkong Post will adjust the postage rates, structure and posting conditions of the Local Bulk Mail Service with effect from 1 April 2016. The new classification of mail by format, namely Small Letters, Large Letters and Packets which has been implemented on principal postages will also be applied to Local Bulk Mail Service.

At the same time, two new service options of bulk economy counter collection and pre-sort to delivery offices will be introduced to bulk postings of large letters and packets for enjoying additional postage discounts. The new postage structure and rate plan for Local Bulk Mail Service is enclosed for reference.

Besides, the following posting conditions will be updated:

(i) The dimensions of MLSS Compliant* mail (i.e. currently named as “standard mail” ) will be slightly reduced to 245 mm (length) x 165 mm (width) x 5 mm (thickness) to align with small letter of the new mail format under principal postage;

(ii) Only items posted by cut-off time/latest time of posting (LTP) can be delivered according to the respective delivery standard. Items posted beyond the LTP will be processed from the next working day of posting. The latest time of posting (LTP) on different payment methods are as follows:

Payment MethodCentral Mail CentreOther Bulk Acceptance Offices
Permit and Franked Mail 5:00 pm 3:00 pm
Postage Prepaid Mail# 3:00 pm 12:00 noon

(iii) To maintain our delivery standard, posting quantity exceeding 50,000 identical items per day for Non-MLSS Compliant mail disregarding their format and delivery standard are required to prepare submit the online posting statement with the posting date, posting office and mail volume at least one working day prior to the date of posting at the online bulk posting platform ( Posting without submitting advance notification as required will be processed from the next working day. For enquiries, please contact us on 2921 2222.

* MLSS Compliant mails will be processed by the Mechanised Letter Sorting System. It shall meet all the specific mandatory requirements of the system before qualifying as compliant.

# Postage Prepaid Mail is only applicable for posting Bulk Ordinary mails including small letter, large letter and packet, and all MLSS Compliant mails.

Local Bulk Mail Service New Postage Rates and Structure