Revision of Postage Rates for Periodicals Services with effect from 18 April 2016


Hongkong Post will revise the postage rates for Local and International Periodicals Services with effect from 18 April 2016. The new postage rates are listed below:

Weight of item not exceeding (g)Postage
150 $3.00
200 $3.20
250 $3.75
500 $8.15
1,000 $15.00
2,000 $24.50

DestinationPrice per kg
Mainland China $55
Zone 1 –
Asian countries (except Mainland China & Japan)
Zone 2 –
Japan, Oceania countries, European countries (except Eastern European countries) and North American countries
Zone 3 –
Eastern European countries, Scandinavian countries and Russia
Zone 4 –
Southern American countries, African countries and others

We would also like to draw your attention to the current requirement of having at least 3 issues in a year, it will be maintained, and in addition, it also refers to a minimum of three postings of separate issues (for local and/or international mails) in a year.

Besides, Local Periodicals customers who wish to continue enjoying the special postage rates from 1 April 2017 have to pre-sort the mail items by delivery offices (DOs). The requirements follows the pre-sort to DO arrangement of local bulk mail service. Senders could make use of Hongkong Post’s online Address Pre-assessment Tool. Each mail item shall be printed with the respective DO codes and segregated by DOs prior to posting. You may refer to the below Hongkong Post website for details.

The updated Periodicals Service leaflet will be obtainable from the website of Hongkong Post ( or any bulk acceptance office from 18 April 2016 onwards.

For enquiries, please contact us on 2921 2277.