Hongkong Post Circular Service - Updated Service Condition on Posting Residual Items (Effective from 12 September 2016)


With effect from 12 September 2016, the posting condition of Hongkong Post Circular service will be revised in allowing one posting of residual items below the minimum threshold of 1,000 items that are identical to lodgement previously approved within six months. Submission of the mail specimen for approval is not required.

Simply visit HKPCS’s online platform (circular.hongkongpost.hk) in applying for this new residue posting facility and choose the option of “Application for Residue Posting” under “Enquire Standard Service”. Prior to the selection of targeted buildings, please input the HKPCS application reference number of the previous lodgement. Please click here for details of the posting conditions.

Item Thickness

At the same time, the minimum item thickness of circular mail will be revised from 0.25mm to 0.1mm (i.e. about the thickness of 128 gsm art paper).

For enquiries, please contact our hotline for DM Services at 2921 6526.