Postage Revision for Local Bulk Mail Service (with effect from 1 January 2018)


Hongkong Post will revise the postage rates and structure of the Local Bulk Mail Service with effect from 1 January 2018 as follows:

  Postage Rate
Bulk Economy # Bulk Ordinary *
Weight Not Exceeding MLSS compliant Non-MLSS compliant MLSS compliant
Small Letter Small Letter Large Letter Small Letter
30g $1.75 $1.95 $3.50 $1.80
50g $2.65 $2.95 $2.70
100g - - $4.70 -
250g - - $6.80 -
500g - - $13.00 -
1kg - - - -
2kg - - - -


*The delivery standard of "Bulk Ordinary" mails follows the same delivery standard of ordinary local mails charging by principal postage.
#"Bulk Economy" mails will be delivered within three working days after posting.

Major Changes

  1. Discount is applicable to :
    • Small Letter, MLSS Compliant, both Ordinary and Economy
    • Small Letter, Non-MLSS Compliant, Economy Only
    • Large Letter, Non-MLSS Compliant, Economy Only
  2. All other mail formats and types are charged under principal postage that come into effect on the same day of 1 January 2018. (Discount to packet (“E” format) items is no longer offered).
  3. The weight steps of 30g and 50g in Large Letter (“G” format) are collapsed to 50g.
  4. The options of “Pre-sort to DO” and “Counter Collection” are removed but we continue encourage bulk mailers to work-share with us to reduce the cost which will be turned into a rebate to them. Mailers who are interested in the services may contact their account manager or our General Enquiry Hotline at 2921 2222.
  5. All bulk posting of 2,000 identical items or above, no matter enjoying discount or not, has to comply with the general posting procedures and conditions of Local Bulk Mail Service.

The updated Local Bulk Mail Service Guide Book will be available at Hongkong Post website ( by end November 2017. If you require any further information, please call 2921 2222.