Revision of Terms and Conditions for Mail Redirection Service


With effect from 31 October 2018, the Terms and Conditions of Mail Redirection Service ("Service") will be revised. The Service in respect of each applicant in connection with the same old address shall only be provided for a maximum of 15 consecutive calendar months counting from the commencement date of the Service for a business / private address. No further extension on the period of the Service shall be allowed.

For details of the revision on the respective Terms and Conditions of the Service, please refer to the Application for Redirection of Correspondence (Pos 800 (10/2018) which will be distributed in Post Offices starting from 31 October 2018. For enquiries, please call our general enquiry hotline at 2921 2222.

Please use the new Application Form for applying the Service on or after 31 October 2018. Customers who submitted application(s) on or before 30 October 2018 are not affected.