Tips for the public to distinguish “Mail Collection Notification Cards” issued by Hongkong Post


Hongkong Post has recently noted the online circulation of the public's receipt of "Delivery Arrangement Notice", requesting recipients to call and make delivery arrangement. Members of the public are unable to tell whether such notification cards are issued by Hongkong Post.

Hongkong Post would like to alert the public that we would not issue any notification card requesting recipients to call and make delivery arrangement. In case of unsuccessful door delivery of mail items, postman will issue a "Mail Collection Notification Card". The recipient can collect the mail item direct at the designated post office by just presenting the notification card, with no need to make any call in advance. On the "Mail Collection Notification Card", the name of "Hongkong Post" and/or relevant product logo will be clearly printed and the name of the recipient will be specified, with details of the mail collection office stamped.

If members of the public are in doubt about the notification cards received, they should stay alert by checking the information on the cards and identify the issuing organisations cautiously, and refrain from disclosing their personal information casually.

The following are the types of "Mail Collection Notification Cards" commonly issued by Hongkong Post:

For enquiries, please call the Hongkong Post General Enquiry Hotline at 2921 2222.

Members of the public should immediately report to the Hong Kong Police Force for suspected disclosure of sensitive personal information to any suspicious third parties.