Hongkong Post alerts public to fraudulent voice message calls and dubious notification cards


Hongkong Post has recently received enquiries from members of the public concerning suspicious voice message phone calls, with an incoming call display showing the same phone number as the Hongkong Post General Enquiry Hotline (2921 2222). The messages claim that mail items are available for their collection or request them to provide personal information.

Hongkong Post wishes to alert members of the public to the fact that its General Enquiry Hotline is an automated enquiry system and will never be used to make calls to customers.

In case of unsuccessful door delivery of mail items, the postman will leave a notification card to request the recipient to collect the mail item at the designated post office. The department name “Hongkong Post” and/or product logo, name of recipient, stamp of mail collection office and the relevant supporting documents required for the collection of mail from the recipient or their representatives are clearly printed or shown on the notification card. The following are the six types of notification cards that Hongkong Post usually use:

If members of public are in doubt about the notification card they received, they should check the information on the notification card carefully and identify the organization that issue it. Hongkong Post staff may need to contact customers by phone call or require customers to provide names and telephone numbers to facilitate handling of their enquiries or cases. However, Hongkong Post staff will not ask for other personal information such as identity card number over the phone.

Members of the public should seek assistance from the Police for suspected loss of personal information. If necessary, they may call the Hongkong Post General Enquiry Hotline (2921 2222) for enquiries.