Prohibitions and Accurate Completion of the Customs Declaration Form


To ensure that mail in transport does not present danger during its transmission, prohibited or dangerous articles must never be sent in the Post. Prohibited or dangerous articles if detected during our processing, will be returned and the sender will not be entitled to any postage refund. The sender may also be liable to prosecution. Details on the prohibitions are given in Section 6.3 of the Post Office Guide.

Senders should also take note of the following:

  1. To safeguard postal security, Hongkong Post does not accept the sending of mail items (both air and surface mail) that contain dangerous articles such as perfumery products, lighters and lithium batteries. Though normal batteries and liquids are not dangerous articles, their sender may be required to come to the Air Mail Centre for on-the-spot checking of the mail which do not pass the x-ray screening.
  2. Senders must provide a detailed and truthful description (i.e. details, quantity and weight or volume, etc.) of mail contents on the customs declaration form. Generic terms such as food, sample, cosmetics, electronic accessories and toy accessories are not acceptable. For cosmetics and liquids, the specific name and quantity/volume should be stated in detail, e.g. lipstick 1 no., eyeliner 1 no., foundation cream 1 no., skin toner 100 ml, shampoo 100 ml, etc.

In addition, senders posting airmail items to the Mainland China should note that the Civil Aviation Administration of China prohibits all air mail items (including Speedpost) that contain powders, liquids, lithium batteries or lithium cells for carriage by their domestic air transport.