Hongkong Post responds to media enquiries on special arrangements for collection of UK student visas


A spokesman for Hongkong Post said today (September 6) that the special counter set up on 1/F of the General Post Office (GPO) has been running smoothly since it started operation at 8am today. As at 4pm, about 400 recipients had collected their mail items, while 109 mail items had been successfully delivered. Also, about 130 enquiries had been answered by Hongkong Post's temporary hotline.

A new batch of Local CourierPost mail comprising about 400 items posted by the visa processing centre was received by Hongkong Post today, and their corresponding mail item numbers have already been uploaded onto our website. Hongkong Post will continue to follow up closely with the visa processing centre to make suitable handling arrangements and will update its website promptly.

Hongkong Post will continue to call the addressees (if they have provided their telephone numbers on the delivery form) to arrange for mail collection. From today, this special counter set up at the GPO (counter number 30, 1/F, open from 8am to 8pm) will continue to operate until further notice.

Hongkong Post understands that once the visa has arrived at the visa processing centre, an email will be sent to inform the applicant that the centre will arrange delivery of the passport/s concerned. In order to ensure that the applicants concerned can collect their items at their convenience, Hongkong Post would like to encourage all applicants after receiving the email, to check whether their mail items have been received by Hongkong Post and are thus shown on the list at the Hongkong Post website.

For enquiry, please call our temporary hotline 2104 7304 (operates from 8am to 8pm) or check the Hongkong Post website (www.hongkongpost.hk).