Principal postage revision to take effect on January 1


Hongkong Post today (December 18) reminded the public that the revised principal postage rates will take effect on January 1 (Monday) (see Appendix).

Details of the revised principal postage rates are available on the Hongkong Post website ( It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure payment of sufficient postage for their mail. Insufficient postage will lead to delay in delivery and a surcharge will be levied. "If the deficient postage and surcharge are not paid by the sender or the addressee within 14 working days, the mail items will be destroyed. So please affix sufficient postage before sending and remember to include the sender's address," a spokesman for Hongkong Post said.

The principal postage adjustments will be as follows:

Postage calculators and a "Correct Addressing" tool are available in the Hongkong Post website and the Hongkong Post mobile app to help calculate correct postage and check local addresses.