Hongkong Post reminds senders to pay sufficient postage


Hongkong Post today (May 18) reminded the public to ensure that their mail items have sufficient postage affixed before posting.

Following the adjustment of principal postage rates that took effect in January this year, Hongkong Post has continued to detect a fair amount of underpaid mail items.

"Since mid-May, there has been a significant increase in mail items bearing underpaid postage detected, including many green envelopes which are believed to be tax returns," a Hongkong Post spokesman said.

"Insufficient postage will lead to delay in delivery and a surcharge being levied. If the deficient postage and surcharge are not paid by the sender or the addressee within 14 working days, the mail items will be destroyed.

"Tax returns without sufficient postage and a return address will be destroyed after the 14-day period has expired.

"We would thus like to remind the public again that the principal postage for local letters weighing up to 30 grams has been revised to $2 since January, and urge the public to affix sufficient postage before sending their mail items," the spokesman said.

The prevailing postage rates, a postage calculator and a "Correct Addressing" tool are available on the Hongkong Post website (www.hongkongpost.hk) and the Hongkong Post mobile app.