Hongkong Post reminds senders to pay sufficient postage and indicate their return addresses


Hongkong Post today (December 9) reminded the public to ensure that their mail items bear sufficient postage and indicate their return addresses before posting.

A Hongkong Post spokesman said, "Insufficient postage will lead to delay in delivery. With effect from December 16, Hongkong Post will issue a notification to collect surcharges from senders for underpaid local mail bearing a return address. If the return address is not available on a mail item, the addressee will be requested to settle the payment. Hongkong Post has introduced an enhanced arrangement under which the public can settle the surcharge by credit card on its website or at any post office by presenting the notification. Delivery of the mail item will be arranged once the surcharge payment is settled."

The spokesman added, "To facilitate smooth delivery of a mail item, apart from payment of sufficient postage, the sender should ensure that the recipient's address is correct and that the return address is written in the top left-hand corner on the front of the envelope or on the back of the envelope, so that Hongkong Post can return any undeliverable mail as early as possible."

Members of the public may visit the Hongkong Post website at www.hongkongpost.hk or the Hongkong Post mobile app to check the details, and make use of the postage calculator and the "Correct Addressing" tool.