Hongkong Post clarification


In response to concerns expressed on social media last night (February 5) regarding the handling of mail items containing surgical masks by the Air Mail Centre (AMC), Hongkong Post replied on the same day and clarifies the concern as follows:

Since the end of the Lunar New Year holidays, the AMC has prioritised the handling of Speedpost items containing surgical masks. As such there is no backlog of these items pending delivery. Up to now, Hongkong Post has handled and delivered about 10 000 such items.

All inbound mail forwarded to the AMC after inspection by the Customs and Excise Department will be processed immediately and delivered according to the addresses indicated, without any need to obtain further approval from Hongkong Post for their dispatch. Hongkong Post will continue to uphold the principle of according a higher priority for surgical masks and arrange for their delivery in the first instance.

Members of the public with mail details such as item numbers may visit the Hongkong Post website (www.hongkongpost.hk) or call the Hongkong Post Enquiry Hotline at 2921 2211 for any enquiries.