Latest Arrangements on Postal Services


Hongkong Post today (February 11) announced that the principle of according a top priority for the delivery of surgical masks has been strictly upheld and it has been a prime concern for Hongkong Post to handle Speedpost items containing surgical masks since after the Lunar New Year. Up to now, we have handled and delivered about 30 000 such items. The daily volume of inward mail received this week has surged by 80 per cent as per usual, and around 70 per cent of which are Speedpost items. It is estimated that about 10 000 Speedpost items containing surgical masks were received over the past few days.

To speed up the delivery of mail items containing surgical masks to the public, the following measures will be introduced. Thanks to the support of our colleagues who are committed to serving Hong Kong people together, starting from tomorrow (February 12), Hongkong Post will deploy additional manpower from other divisions/sections for the handling of Speedpost items and arrange for night-time delivery, except from maintaining normal posting and delivery services of Speedpost items from Monday to Saturday. In parallel, we will resume mail delivery services on a daily basis, so as to handle the upsurge in mail volume. It is estimated that delivery of this batch of surged mail items containing surgical masks could be completed within this week.

Hongkong Post will continue to attach attention to the occupational health and safety of our staff. Measures have been taken to strengthen the disinfection of our workplace. Surgical masks, alcohol swabs and other gears have also been provided to our staff for their protection.

Subject to the mail volume, we will again review the arrangements of our postal services.