Hongkong Post's response to media enquiries


With regard to media enquiries about the first-day delivery of CuMask+™, Hongkong Post today (May 11) gave the following response:

Hongkong Post made a smooth start for the first-day delivery of CuMask+™. Hongkong Post received about 120 000 items of CuMask+™ from the Government yesterday. Delivery was arranged for around 97 per cent of them today while delivery for the remaining quantity could not be arranged due to problem with delivery address and arrangement for re-delivery will be made tomorrow. As mentioned in our press release dated May 10, door delivery would be arranged within around two working days upon receipt of the SMS message with item number by successful main registrants.

Among the despatch order arranged for delivery today, about 70 per cent of which has been successfully delivered. For the remaining 30 per cent, collection from post office would be arranged as no one was present at the registered addresses to receive the delivery.

On manpower front, Hongkong Post flexibly mobilised approximately 300 postmen, in addition to the 1 650 postmen responsible for normal mail delivery service, to support delivery offices requiring additional manpower as the distribution of items varies among districts. In general, each postman is required to deliver around 70 to 80 items of CuMask+™ in average. Since the quantity of items distributed for delivery, based on the despatch order, varies among different beats, it may result in a variation of delivered quantity, be it either more or less than the above average, and hence it is not appropriate to generalise the situation.

In respect of overtime work arrangements, the normal working hours for delivery postmen are 8am to 4pm. If the work cannot be completed within their working hours, overtime work will be arranged where necessary. Taking into account of occupational safety and health of our staff, we usually limit the duration of overtime work to no more than 3.5 hours, as the total number of working hours of them may have amounted to 11.5 hours. If postmen still cannot complete the work of the day by working overtime of more than 3.5 hours, we will deploy internal resources by mobilising postmen from other sections to provide additional support and share the workload. The criteria for overtime work required for the delivery of CuMask+™ this time are in line with the established arrangements of the department.

Hongkong Post will make thorough planning on manpower and resources based on the despatch orders of CuMask+™ received from the Government, with a view to accomplishing the task smoothly. We greatly appreciate the enormous effort rendered by all our postmen and supporting staff on the back end in this task.