Hongkong Post clerical staff member preliminarily tests positive for COVID-19


Hongkong Post said today (January 23) that a clerical staff member preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19 and is now receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

The clerical staff concerned works on the first floor of the Air Mail Centre (AMC), and that floor is not used for the processing of mail items. Responsible for clerical duties, he is not required to come into contact with any mail or the public, and his working place is not open to the public either.

The staff last performed duty on January 20. He felt unwell that night and sought medical consultation from a private practitioner. On January 22, he turned to seek medical advice from a government clinic and underwent the COVID-19 testing. This morning he was notified by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) that he preliminarily tested positive. His body temperature was normal during temperature screening at work and he was wearing a mask while on duty.

After learning about the case at around noon today, Hongkong Post arranged for thorough cleaning and disinfection of the whole AMC pursuant to the guidelines set out by CHP. Hongkong Post informed all staff members of AMC about the case. Staff members working on the same floor with the staff concerned are identified by CHP as close contacts requiring to be put under quarantine. Although staff members working on other floors of AMC are not regarded as close contacts, Hongkong Post will still arrange all staff working in AMC to undergo COVID-19 testing.

Hongkong Post has always attached great attention to the occupational health and safety of its staff by strictly implementing various infection prevention measures during the epidemic, including conducting body temperature screening for all staff members; providing them with protective gear such as face shields, protective goggles, masks, alcohol-based handrub, gloves and alcohol swabs; and requiring them to wear masks when performing duties and stepping up the cleaning of their working environment.

Hongkong Post will continue to maintain close liaison with the CHP. Staff members are also reminded to take note of their personal hygiene and stay vigilant at all times, and they are also advised to seek medical advice immediately in case of feeling unwell.