Three Hongkong Post staff members tested positive/preliminarily positive for COVID-19


Hongkong Post said today (February 6) that two contract staff members were tested positive, and one postal officer was preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19.

The two contract staff who were tested positive work at Book Sorting Unit (BSU) in Cheung Sha Wan and the Air Mail Centre (AMC) respectively. They are not required to have contact with the public and their working places are not open to the public. They last performed duty on February 5. The contract staff at BSU conducted test as a close contact of a confirmed case and was tested positive today. The contract staff at AMC felt unwell on February 5 and sought medical consultation at the hospital. He underwent the COVID-19 testing on the same day and was tested positive today.

The Postal Officer who was tested preliminarily positive works in Sheung Wan Post Office who last performed duty on February 4. She works at the counter behind a partition to keep appropriate distance from customers. She underwent COVID-19 testing on February 3 and was notified by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of her preliminary positive result today.

The above staff had temperature screening when attended to work and their body temperature was normal. They were wearing masks while on duty.

Upon notification of the above cases, Hongkong Post has immediately arranged all co-workers of the staff concerned to undergo COVID-19 testing. Hongkong Post has also closed two operation units at BSU and AMC, and arranged for thorough cleansing and disinfection of all the facilities and mail items pursuant to the guidelines set out by the CHP. Meanwhile, Hongkong Post has activated its contingency plan by arranging the processing of inbound and outbound mail at other mail centres in order to maintain its services as far as practicable.

Besides, Sheung Wan Post Office will be closed from February 7 to 8 for thorough cleansing and disinfection of all the facilities and mail items pursuant to the guidelines set out by the CHP. With closure of Sheung Wan Post Office, members of the public can have access to postal services at General Post Office (2 Connaught Place, Central) nearby. Hongkong Post apologises for the inconvenience caused. For enquiries, members of the public may call the Hongkong Post enquiry hotline at 2921 2222.

Hongkong Post will continue to implement measures on social distancing and infection control at all postal facilities to safeguard the health of staff and the public, and maintain close liaison with the CHP. Staff members are also reminded to take note of their personal hygiene and stay vigilant at all times, and are advised to seek medical advice immediately in case of feeling unwell.