Wealthy, highly educated, middle-aged families, exclusive housings

Global Wealths comprise segments of wealthy people who have top incomes in Hong Kong. They may be successful entrepreneurs/businessmen, successors of family businesses, professionals in their industries, senior management of multi-national corporations/local enterprises, or expatriates in Hong Kong. Many have their career in finance and insurance, medical or law. A high portion of them are Chinese and some expatriates. They speak Putonghua or English. They are well-educated with universities educations or above and are generally middle-aged, married, or with kids of age 15 below. They tend to own luxury private cars. They travel frequently to overseas for business and leisure. Most families hire more than one domestic helper.

Global Wealths live in the most exclusive locations in Hong Kong. Representative areas include but not limited to The Peak and coastal areas.

A01 World-Class Wealths

Super wealthy, middle-aged, global expatriates, renters, most prestigious locations

World-Class Wealths are the superior class in Hong Kong. They are successful middle-aged, Chinese and Western individuals or families in Hong Kong. They have small family size. They possess high educational qualifications, usually undergraduates or above. They earn extremely high incomes. They are likely entrepreneurs, professionals, or senior management of multinational corporations/local enterprises in Hong Kong. They like to live in fashionable homes and own private cars or passenger vans. They also tend to rent their apartments with extremely high rents.

World-Class Wealths live in the most prestigious locations. Representative areas include but not limited to The Peak, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, and Clear Water Bay.

A02 Upper Crusts

Wealthy, middle-aged families with kids, homeowners, traditional exclusive locations

Upper Crusts is a haven for super-rich middle-aged (age 45-64) families with children. With many expatriates who have attended university education, they generally speak English. They hold senior management or executive-level positions and earn lucrative incomes. They have luxurious standards of living, drive expensive cars, eat out at upscale restaurants frequently, and travel aboard regularly.

Upper Crusts live in the most exclusive locations that are closed to the traditional financial areas. Representative areas include but not limited to Mid-levels, Tai Hang, Braemar Hill, Kowloon Tong, Ho Man Tin, Sai Kung, and Discovery Bay.

A03 Country Squires

Affluent, middle-aged families with kids, homeowners, low-rise and bucolic housings

Country Squires are the wealthiest residents in exurban areas. They are young to middle-aged families (age below 44) with kids of age under 15. They are mainly Chinese, plus some being expatriates. They can speak English. Having received university education, most of them hold positions like senior managers, administrators, and professionals. They own their expensive homes. They flee the city for the charms of low-rise, bucolic, and spacious communities. Some of them may own private cars or passenger vans for work and leisure. Whereas some others may use taxis or residential coach as their main transportation.

Country Squires live in the wealthiest locations in the exurban area, such as but not limited to Kowloon Tong, Discovery Bay, Ma On Shan to Sai Kung, Kau To Shan, and Hong Lok Yuen.