Middle-class, relatively young families with kids, starter private apartments

Middle-class Milestones consist of young to middle-aged families with solid family incomes. Most of them own their homes. Expenditures on children are significant in their overall household expenditures. They work in the industries such as information and communications, public administration, education, human health, social work, financing, and insurance. They tend to own private cars or passenger vans. Monthly mortgage payments are their main household expenditures.

Middle-class Milestones live in popular private housing estates and some high-rise buildings throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. These estates and high-rise buildings usually have shopping malls or shops nearby.

D10 Start-up Families

Little well off young families with kids, popular starter private apartments

Start-up Families are younger and have small families with kids. Most of them own their homes under mortgages, which is a significant family cost. They can speak English, Putonghua, and/or Cantonese. Their kids are usually looked after by domestic helpers or grandparents. They have post-secondary qualifications. Either singles or both have administrative and general management positions.

Start-up Families consist of people living in large-scale private housing estates in suburban fast-growing or urban second-line areas usually in new town areas. Their apartments tend to be small as these apartments are built to target private apartment starters. Representative areas include but not limited to Kowloon Bay, Tsuen Wan, Shatin, Ma On Shan, Tai Po, North District, Yuen Long, and Tuen Mun. Representative estates include but not limited to Telford Garden, Chelsea Court, Shatin City One, Sunshine City, Greenfield Garden, Flora Plaza, The Reach, and The Sherwood.

D11 Suburban Bright Lights

Midscale middle-aged families with kids, suburban large-scale private apartments

Suburban Bright Lights are middle-aged families usually with kids. With post-secondary qualifications, their occupations are likely managers, administrators, and associate professionals. They have mid-level incomes. They own their homes in the New Territories where living space tends to be spacious. As homes are likely in remote areas, they are more likely to take a combination of transportations to work, preferably on residential coaches, private cars, and MTR.

Suburban Bright Lights live in large-scale private housing estates in suburban areas. Representative areas include but not limited to Tai Po, North District, Hung Shui Kiu, and Tuen Mun. Representative estates include but not limited to Serenity Villa, Swallow Garden, Uptown, and Pearl Island Villa.

D12 City Bases

Mid-level incomes families, relatively old neighbourhoods

City Bases are smaller families, mainly Chinese, living on the outskirts of the city. Many families in this group rely on their main wage-earners. They are middle-aged homeowners. They have mid-level incomes and possess post-secondary educations. They do not have domestic helpers but rely on their grandparents or housewife mother to look after their kids. Majority of them have paid off their mortgages. Some families are still paying mortgages or rents. Such expenses are their main burdens. Mortgage payments or rents are usually less than HK$10,000 per month.

City Bases are smaller families living in the older private estates or individual buildings. Representative areas include but not limited to Aberdeen, Eastern District, Kowloon Bay, Shatin, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po, and Tuen Mun. Representative estates include but not limited to Richland Gardens, Golden Lion, Luk Yeung Sun Chuen, Tai Po Centre, and Tuen Mun Town Plaza.