Middle-aged families with kids and extended families, country low-rise housings, mainly in the New Territories or on the islands

Country Communities consist of middle-aged families with children and extended families who live in remote areas in the New Territories or outlying Islands. The majority have low-income jobs such as skilled agricultural and fishery workers. There are also many expatriates living in the same areas. Some of them are professionals who have decent incomes and need to take extra time to commute to work. They tend to be laid-back and enjoy countryside living lifestyle.

Country Communities live in village homes or low-rise housings. They generally own their properties, or their family members or relatives own the properties. They have paid off their mortgages or their family members responsible for the mortgage payment. Representative areas include but not limited to Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Lamma Island, and Cheung Chau.

F17 Country Casuals

Upper Midscale, countryside low-rise housings, apart from the cities but still accessible

Country Casuals are younger and high incomes families with some elderly family members. Many are employers and run their businesses. They tend to be laid-back and enjoy the country’s style of living. They own their homes in the New Territories where homes are spacious and not too far from the city. They have paid off their mortgages. Some prefer paying rents which usually are lower than those in the city. Some of them travel by MTR or light rail to work whereas some of them own private cars or passenger vans.

Country Casuals live in village houses or low-rise housings on the outskirts of cities or the new towns. Representative areas include but not limited to outskirt areas of Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Tai Wai, and Shatin.

F18 Island Pleasures

Low-rise housings, typically on islands, rely on ferry

Island Pleasures consist mainly of Chinese families, plus a significant number of expatriates who love to live in villages or remote scenery areas. In general, they are local residents with primary school education. Their occupations are low-income jobs. A significant number of them earn less than HK$20,000 per month. They live in villages and fishery homes. Most are homeowners with few of them needing to pay mortgages. They travel by ferry or on foot to work.

Island Pleasures live in low-rise village houses or buildings on outlying islands. Representative areas include but not limited to Lamma Island, Lantau, Peng Chau, and Cheung Chau.

F19 Village Communities

Middle-aged, middle-income family, countryside village, rural cluster

Village Communities consist of family groups that have the same family surname in each family group. Most of them are Chinese. Their lifestyles have maintained family traditions and old customs. They are middle-aged, middle-income families with or without children. They have primary to secondary education. People are either retired or work in agriculture and fishery areas. The areas also have some expatriates who love to live in rural or village areas.

Village Communities live in countryside villages, many being "walled villages". Representative areas include but not limited to Yuen Long, Hung Shui Kiu, Sai Kung, North District, and Lamma Island.