Immigrant families, plus some local elderly people, live in older urban properties, small apartments, high population density

City Bustle consist of people mainly coming from The Mainland, along with some people from South Asian countries, and some local elderly people. They speak Putonghua, various Chinese dialects, or other Asian languages. They received primary to secondary education. Their family income is relatively low. Household compositions are varied. Local household families tend to have elderly individuals with age 65 or above.

City Bustle live in aged private buildings in the old urban areas. These are usually low to mid-rise buildings built 50 years or more before, occasionally with few high-rise buildings within the area. Representative areas include but not limited to old urban areas of districts of Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, To Kwa Wan, Wong Tai Sin, and Tsuen Wan.

G20 Downtown Settlers

Older urban properties, other non-Cantonese Chinese dialects, localized immigrants

Downtown Settlers are mature families with adult children who may or may not live with them. They mainly came from The Mainland and migrated to Hong Kong decades ago and settle in the area since then. Plenty of them is still using non-Cantonese Chinese dialects in their daily life. Many are homeowners and have paid off the mortgages. Many of them are elderly individuals with age 65 or above.

Peaceful Settlers live in aged private buildings located in low-income old urban areas Representative areas include but not limited to old urban areas within Eastern District, Western District, and Hung Hom to To Kwa Wan.

G21 Old Neighbourhoods Clusters

Cramped old neighbourhoods or market town areas, commercial and residential mixes

Old Neighbourhoods Clusters consist of mature families who live in the old urban areas or in the New Territories. They have settled in the areas for decades. Their homes are usually flats in old building constructions. Many of them own their living apartments or live in relatives’ apartments without paying rent. While rent is required, rent cost ranges from HK$6,000 to HK$10,000 per month. Many are elderly individuals with age 65 or above and are retired. Those still working may have occupations like service or salespeople, plant and machine operators and assemblers, or craft and related workers. Their income level is relatively low or irregular. They live near their working areas for saving on expensive transportation cost, and travel to work on foot or by bus.

Old Neighbourhoods Clusters live in the older traditional communities or areas, usually old low-rise building constructions built 50-60 years ago. Representative areas include but not limited to old areas in Yau Tsim Mong District to Shum Shui Po District, Yuen Long, and Sheung Shui.

G22 Tenement House Living

Tiny Home, old properties, grassroots, low incomes, plenty of immigrants

Tenement House Living are low-income families who live in bad condition or partitioned flats inside old mid-rise buildings that are built 50-60 years ago. Significant numbers of them are new immigrants from The Mainland and South Asian countries. They are the lowest income groups working in service and sales, or as plant and machine operators and assemblers. They choose to live nearby their working place to save expensive transportation costs. They go to work by public bus or on foot.

Tenement House Living stay in the older urban areas that contain many old mid-rise buildings probably 3-7 storeys with some without elevators. Representative areas include but not limited to Yau Tsim Mong District, Shum Shui Po, Cheung Sha Wan, San Po Kong and To Kwa Wan.