Irregular-Shape DM is a special delivery service that enhances your creativity beyond the limitations of traditional envelope mailings. In fact, the only limitation is your own imagination — especially since there is no restriction on the shape of the Direct Mail pack that you send.

And, of course, eye-catching shapes mean bigger impact and generate better results. Which is great news for direct marketers, advertising agencies and design houses. Clearly, this is the prescription you need to raise creative standards to new levels.

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Posting Irregular-shape DM is simple. Before production, simply submit 2 pieces of mail specimen together with a completed application form to any bulk acceptance offices for approval.

Posting Conditions
Dimensions: not exceeding 220mm x 150mm (A5)
not smaller than 90mm x 140mm
Thickness: Maximum 5mm
Weight: Maximum 100g
Shape: No restriction
Material: Primarily paper based
Special mark: 'Special Shape' / 'SS' (in postage area)
Posting Quantity: Not less than 2,000 items per lodgment
Payment Method: Permit and Franker Only
Postage: First class local postage only
(Bulk Economy Class not applicable)
Acceptance Office: All bulk acceptance offices
Delivery Standard: Within 2 working days depending on the design
Service Coverage: Local Mail Only

Hongkong Post reserves the right not to accept items with shapes which may lead to occupational hazards or may cause operational difficulties e.g. sharp edges, etc., trap of other mail items while set-in.

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All bulk acceptance offices