Our DMDIY.hk (www.dmdiy.hk) offers an intelligent and convenient do-it-yourself platform for you to engage customers in multiple channels to produce better returns. You can plan, create, produce and distribute Direct Mail (include Hongkong Post Circular Service*) and other digital communications from the comfort of home or office.

* Hongkong Post Circular Service is a geographically targeted medium to get your promotional messages across to potential customer segments, both residential and commercial, without the need for printing address.

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Scope of Services

Unaddressed / Addressed Direct Mail

Campaign Site / Web Landing Page

Email Marketing Service

Charges (for reference only)Open/collapse

DM through Hongkong Post Circular Service (HKPCS)Rates for reaching 2 000 households
Postage* $1,800
Printing (A4 size with 2 folds) $1,214
Design template (optional) ^ $480
Total fee: $3,494
*Based on sending circular items (30g) to areas with centrally located letter boxes.
^You may upload your own design to the platform for fine-tuning and production at a charge of $180.
Campaign Site (Package Rate: $2,500)
One promotion landing page with design background
30-day web hosting
Online registration form for data collection
Social media sharing (facebook, twitter, weibo)
User-friendly tracking hyperlinks
Post-campaign online reports (page view, click rate, etc.)
Email Marketing Service (Package Rate: $2,500)
eDM design based on your existing promotion material
Fine-tune your eDM content (e.g. subject lines, key words) to improve deliverability
Check and enhance your email list hygiene to improve deliverability
Set up of eDM for sending it to the email addresses you provided*

*Email sending of up to 3,000 email addresses ($300 will be charged to every additional 1,500 email addresses).

Analysis report (delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.)
Note: The above rates are for reference only and are subject to adjustment without further notice. Please check the latest and detailed rates published on the service website (www.dmdiy.hk).

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