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Issue Date : 18 April 2023

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In 2023, we bid adieu to the Year of the Tiger and ring in the Year of the Rabbit. Being clever and adorable, Rabbit is an emblem of harmony that brings everyone peace and prosperity in the year ahead.

This stamp album offers a collection of stamps on the theme of the Year of the Rabbit issued by Hongkong Post, China Post, Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Australia Post, Isle of Man Post Office, Japan Post, La Poste, Liechtensteinische Post AG and New Zealand Post. It also comes with a "Year of the Rabbit" 24K Gold Plated Card.

Album Size: 250mm (L) x 220mm (W)

Price HK$998
Issued in a limited edition of 688 sets

Each album Certificate

This Album features stamps with the theme of the Year of the Rabbit issued by the following nine postal administrations:

Issue Date: 10 January 2023
A set of four "Year of the Rabbit" special stamps depicts the Rabbit in different traditional handicrafts, heralding the Year of the Rabbit full of blessing and bliss. The $2.20 stamp displays a ceramic rabbit adorned with a pink lily, with the festive magenta background decorated with the contours of tree peonies, bearing the best wishes for affluence and prosperity in the new year; the $4 stamp features a ceramic rabbit with a carmine herbaceous peony painted on its body. The herbaceous peony, together with the tree peonies in the background, the only flowers that are comparable to herbaceous peonies, denote success and auspiciousness; the $5.40 stamp presents a ceramic rabbit with fine brushstrokes and colours in harmony, with the noble purple background setting off the contours of daffodils of the same tone, which gives an atmosphere of joy and felicity; and the $5.50 stamp displays a coloured glass rabbit with a pattern of Lunar New Year blossoms in vibrant colours and golden lines thereon, which is set against the orange-yellow background and the contour chrysanthemum, bringing a sense of vitality and vigour at the start of spring.
The stamp sheetlet captures an adorable rabbit, with floral patterns in golden lines on its plump body. Herbaceous peony blossoms are set off at the light pink gradient background, creating a festive ambience.
The silk stamp sheetlet captures an adorable rabbit with floral patterns in golden lines printed on elegant silk, imparting a sense of grandeur and making it a highly collectable item for the Year of the Rabbit.
Issue Date: 5 January 2023
The issue "Year of Guimao" contains a set of two stamps. The stamp titled “The Rabbit Sending Blessings” depicts a blue rabbit, wise and far-sighted, holding a pen in its right hand and a letter in its left hand. It symbolises the drawing of a grand blueprint for the new year, as "blue rabbit" is pronounced similarly to the phrase "blueprint" in Chinese. The other stamp named “Endless Cycle to Vitality” features three rabbits running after each other in a loop, auspiciously denoting infinite "circle of life" as well as completeness and unity. The background is embellished with a decorative illustration showcasing the folklore of Jade Rabbit pounding medicine for immortality, which extends best wishes for continued prosperity of the country and good health of the people.
Issue Date: 5 January 2023
Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau released the fourth issue of the fourth series of Chinese zodiac philatelic products with the theme "Lunar Year of the Rabbit". The stamps feature rabbits with long ears and short tails painted in watercolor, accompanied with daffodils, lotuses, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms, which represent the four seasons respectively, wishing all Chinese around the world good health and wisdom.
Issue Date: 17 January 2023
A set of three stamps entitled "Year of the Rabbit 2023" was launched by Australia Post. The rabbits on the three stamps represent three ancient Chinese gods, Fu Xing, Lu Xing and Shou Xing respectively. The Fortune Rabbit, inspired by Fu Xing, god of fortune and happiness, is depicted as a scholar holding a scroll, and accompanied by a young bunny. The Prosperity Rabbit, inspired by Lu Xing, god of prosperity, holds a Ru Yi sceptre of power and authority, and a gold ingot representing wealth. The Longevity Rabbit is inspired by Shou Xing, god of longevity. While Shou Xing is normally seen with a walking stick and an apricot, a carrot is instead used here on the stamp along with an apricot which symbolises a wish for success.
Issue Date: 14 January 2023
Isle of Man Post Office issued a set of four stamps to celebrate the "Year of the Rabbit". Each stamp features a rabbit in different postures against a red background with gold texts and patterns, bringing out the vivaciousness of the rabbits and festive atmosphere of the new year.
Issue Date: 16 January 2023
Japan Post issued a new year souvenir sheet to celebrate the "Year of the Rabbit". The souvenir sheet contains two stamps in different shapes with each featuring a rabbit. Together with a background decorated with various flowers, this collectible brings out the festive atmosphere of the new year.
Issue Date: 16 January 2023
La Poste, the postal administration of France, issued "Year of the Rabbit" stamps designed by the French-Chinese artist Chen Jiang Hong in celebration of the Lunar New Year. On this stamp, a white rabbit is set against a pink background, presenting a lively and agile image.
Issue Date: 14 November 2022
Liechtensteinische Post AG issued a stamp under the theme of "Chinese Signs of the Zodiac: Rabbit", which draws its twelve Chinese zodiac sign series to a perfect close. Continuing with the design inspired by traditional paper cutting, the stamp features a rabbit in the form of filigree silhouette cut using the latest laser technology. The background in red, an auspicious colour in the Chinese culture, and print embossed in gold foil collectively lend splendour to this elegant collectible.
Issue Date: 7 December 2022
New Zealand Post issued a set of four stamps in celebration of the "Year of the Rabbit". Designed in the concept of traditional Chinese New Year pictures (nianhua), the stamps depict rabbits and babies – elements of Chinese folklore – symbolising long life, happiness, prosperity and new beginnings, while looking forward to a prosperous year ahead.

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