What should I do with the remaining items carrying the Hongkong Post Circular (HKPCS) indicia after I posted through the HKPCS earlier on?

You could post the remaining items of the same lot again within six months. You will be exempted from settling the postage required for the minimum posting threshold of 1 000 items and submitting the mail specimen for approval.

However, if you prefer to use the remaining items in other ways, such as for your own distribution and display, the HKPCS indicia on the leaflet must be fully masked to make it unidentifiable, for example, with label or dark colour ink, before using them in any other way.

Please note that the HKPCS is an exclusive service provided by Hongkong Post. No person shall use or put the “Hongkong Post Circular Service” indicia on any item(s) that is/are not delivered by Hongkong Post. Any person who contravenes the relevant provision will be regarded as using the indicia without lawful authority and subject to prosecution without prior notice.