How to check the delivery standards of overseas mail items?

The delivery standards for Speedpost items to different service areas are shown in Speedpost Delivery Standard and Latest Times of Posting (Pos 15A/1 Supplement), whereas the delivery standards for letters and parcels are listed in Air Mail Latest Times of Posting and Delivery Standard (Pos 15 Supplement). Besides, you may use the Speedpost delivery standard calculator on our website to check the delivery standards.

Please note that fulfilment of delivery standards for letters and parcels is not guaranteed. The reason is that mail conveyance is subject to various factors that are beyond the control of Hongkong Post, including the flight schedule, weather conditions, detention by customs, industrial actions or mail backlogs at the transit or destination postal administrations, etc. Hence the delivery standards are for reference only and no compensation will be granted to senders for the delay in delivery.