Under what circumstance will the redirection service be declined?

An Application will be declined if the Postmaster General reasonably believes that:

  1. the old address is still occupied by colleagues/ partners of the same company/ family members, including parents, spouse, siblings of the applicant (in case the applicant is an individual) who can redirect the mail items to the applicant;
  2. any person at the old address (including but not limited to any family member, colleague of an applicant who is an individual or any partner of a partnership) has objected to the redirection service to be provided to a particular applicant of the application;
  3. the applicant has not permanently vacated from the old address;
  4. the old address is an address of an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity, hotel, boarding house, lodging house, secretariat office or business centre; or
  5. the old address is subdivided into different units and/or more than one tenant in the same property (including but not limited to “multi-dwellers” residential premises) that is only served as a central point or mailbox for receiving mail items.