Mail Collection Need-to-know

When you go to a post office to collect your mail, please bring the mail collection notification card so that our staff could verify the address and then deliver the mail to you.

If you cannot present the mail collection notification card, you are required to present a valid address proof as a substitution. A valid address proof includes bill or correspondence issued by a Government department or bank or utilities within the last 3 months from the date of collection. The document should include the same address as that on the mail, the name of issuing organization and the issue date.

All of the aforementioned documents could be presented in electronic format.

Besides, when the collector visits the designated post office to sign and collect the item, our staff will request the collector to present his/her own valid identity proof to record the full name.

A valid identity proof includes:

  1. Hong Kong Identity Card; or
  2. valid travel document; or
  3. other identification document(s) issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region bearing a photograph of the holder; or
  4. Student card issued by a local university or a degree-awarding higher education institution bearing a photograph of the card holder; or
  5. a Birth Certificate or a current student card (only applicable to a child below 11 years old).