May I redirect mail received but not intended for me to a correct address?

Any kind of postal packet, other than a business reply packet, may be redirected to the same addressee at another address, either by an officer of Hongkong Post or any person at the original address after delivery. Business reply packets may only be redirected by an officer of Hongkong Post.

Letters, postcards, and printed papers can be redirected without additional charge, provided that the packet is re-posted not later than the day after delivery (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays), and that it has not been opened or tampered with prior to redirection. If an adhesive label is used for the purpose of indicating the new address, the name of the original addressee must not be obscured, otherwise the packet will be liable to surcharge as unpaid mail.

Packets intended for redirection but re-posted later than the day after delivery will be liable to a charge at the prepaid rate. Any packet which appears to have been opened or tampered with will be subject to a charge as unpaid mail posted for the first time. Redirection cannot be undertaken if the item bears “or occupant” in addition to the addressee’s address.

For details, please refer to Section 5.12 Redirection of the Post Office Guide.