How does the Post Office process underpaid mails (insufficiency prepaid items)?

The Post Office will continue processing the underpaid mails and inform the addressee. The arrangement is as below –

Local Post

From 19 April 2016, Hongkong Post will cease to provide door delivery for underpaid mail items. The addressee will receive a notification card for paying the surcharge and collecting the mail at the designated post office (excluding mobile post offices).

To avoid mail delay, make sure that all mail items bear correct addresses of the recipients and sufficient postage by weight and mail format.

Sample of notificaiton card

Pos 6G

Important Note:

  1. The item(s) may have been delayed due to insufficient postage. All surcharged items should be collected at the post office.
  2. Please collect the item(s) on presentation of the notification card on the second working day following the date of issue of the notification card at the designated post office.
  3. The item(s), if not collected within 14 working days from the date of issue of the notification card, will be returned to the sender (if applicable) or treated as undeliverable and arranged for disposal.
  4. Request for change of collection office will not be entertained.

Non-local Post

All underpaid items will be forwarded by surface route without prior notification. If the prepaid postage is insufficient to cover the transmission by surface route, the underpaid item will be charged on delivery with the amount of the deficiency, plus an additional fee charged by the country of destination.