How to arrange and use the different payment methods?

Permit Mailing

Permit Mailing enables business bulk mailers to lower operating costs and save time. A permit indicia will be printed on each item. No postage stamp is required and the articles posted will not be datestamped.

To use permit mailing, simply apply for a Permit Licence with a unique Permit Number from Hongkong Post. Applications can be approved within one working day. Payment of postage can be made by cash or EPS. You may also prearrange with Hongkong Post Financial Services Division to pay by cheque or through a Hongkong Post Deposit account.

For enquiries, please call 2921 2243.

Franked Mailing

The use of Private Franking Machine saves the hassle of affixing stamps or queuing at post offices.

To use franked mailing, simply apply for a Franker Licence (which will normally be issued within seven working days) and prepay postage for the machine meter before using it. The meter credit limit is HK$50,000. If a higher limit is required, a separate application should be made to Hongkong Post.

Corporate logo or slogan can be added to the franked impression for business promotion. Franked mailing item will not be datestamped by Hongkong Post.

Notes on Using Private Franking Machine:

Frank all items to the full amount, just the same as sending local non-bulk mail. The reasons are:

A credit note will be issued at the time of posting at post offices. This serves to refund the difference between the full rate and the local bulk mail discounted rate, which can be used the next time you reset the machine meter.

In case of digital franking machine, any credit will be refunded by cheque. For enquiries, please call 2921 2222.

Prepayment in Money

Postage for standard bulk mail items can also be prepaid. With effect from 1 Novermber 2013, non-standard bulk mail items must be paid through permit or franking. Prepaid mailing item will be datestamped by Hongkong Post.

For enquiries, please call 2921 2222.