The “Hong Kong Health Code” (HKHC) facilitates quarantine-free travel between Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong. Through the code conversion function of the HKHC system, personal data related to the HKHC (including the negative nucleic acid test result, vaccination records, etc.) of eligible individuals can be transferred to the Yuekang Code system or Macao Health Code system to facilitate health declaration upon entry to Guangdong or Macao. Applicants are required to register online with the HKHC system in advance and submit relevant documents for verification.

Hongkong Post will provide identity verification for HKHC applicants who are not holders of Hong Kong Identity Card (HKIC) or cases in need. Such applicants are required to bring the confirmation letter issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the Government) and their identity document for identity verification at designated post office.

For enquiry on account registration or the use of the account, please call “Hong Kong Health Code” hotline 3142 2330 or visit “Hong Kong Health Code” website.

“Hong Kong Health Code” Identity Verification

If the identity document of the applicant for HKHC is not issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, he/she will receive a letter from the Government upon submission of the application. Applicant should bring the letter together with the identity document to a designated post office for identity verification. After successful verification, the applicant will receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) via SMS in about 5 working days for account activation.

Authorising another person for identity verification

Applicant can authorise other person to attend the post office for completing the procedures on your behalf. The authorisee is required to produce his or her original identity document, a copy (photocopy or electronic copy) of your identity document, the letter issued to you by the Government, as well as the original authorisation letter signed by you (the authoriser). Besides verifying the above documents, the post office staff will also record the name and identity document number of the authorisee for record purpose.

In addition, for the applicants who are aged under 12, their parents can attend the post office to complete the procedures on behalf of them. The parent is required to produce his/her original identity document, the letter issued to the applicant by the Government, the original identity document of the applicant, he/she is also required to produce a proof of relationship with the applicant (such as the birth certificate). If the parent is unable to produce a proof of relationship with the applicant, the applicant must attend the post office to conduct the identity verification himself/herself in the company of his/her parent or a relative.



Where to verify identity

Applicants who are non-HKIC holders can verify their identity at 18 designated post offices.

Click on the map to check the location of post offices for HKHC identity verification.

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