According to the requirement of the Government of the United States of America (USA), all mail items, except Small and Large letters, sent to the USA* must contain electronic customs information at the time of posting as from 1 June 2019. The mail items which do not contain electronic customs information will not be posted to the USA*.

Customers shall provide the electronic customs data through Hongkong Post’s various online platforms and relevant facilities before posting any mail items from Hong Kong to the USA*. Items without the electronic customs information shall be requested to supplement with the required information, or will be returned to the senders. If there is no return address or the sender cannot be contacted, the item will be destroyed and the postage will not be refunded.

* Including the overseas territories of the USA (Caroline Islands, Guam, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Marina Islands (Northern), Palau, Puerto Rico, Samoa (the USA Territory),, Virgin Islands of the USA and Wake Island.).

The mails items which shall contain the electronic customs data cover all mail items, except Small and Large letters, including:

  1. Speedpost item (including document and non-document item)
  2. Parcel (including Air and Surface mail)
  3. Registered and Ordinary Packets# (including Air and Surface mail)
  4. e-Express and iMail

# Only applicable to packets exceeding the size limit of Large Letter (i.e. 381mm in length, 305mm in width and 20mm in thickness), or packets or international periodicals exceeding the weight limit of Large Letter (i.e. 500 grams).

The required customs information includes:

To facilitate the submission of electronic customs information by customers, Hongkong Post has developed the following multiple online platforms and facilities, including:

Senders can make use of computers or mobile devices to submit the information via these platforms anytime and anywhere. Senders can also print the posting forms themselves if they have the printer. Hongkong Post will also install “Easy PreCustoms” Self-service Stations and tablets in all post offices to facilitate senders to submit the electronic customs information. If no electronic customs information is available upon posting, the senders have to supplement the information before posting.

There is no change in the posting procedure of using online platforms. If senders have already prepared the posting form at “My Speedpost” or “EC-Ship”, the relevant electronic customs information has been captured by the system.

Important notes:

  1. Speedpost and Parcel (Air and Surface)
  2. Registered and Ordinary Packet (Air and Surface)
  3. e-Express and iMail

Other notes:

  1. Sender shall provide their return address on the mail items. This will facilitate Hongkong Post to contact the senders to supplement the electronic customs information if the mail items do not contain the information. Otherwise, the mail items cannot be returned, and will be destroyed. The postage will not be refunded as well.
  2. Senders are recommended to provide their email addresses while submitting the electronic customs information or prepare posting form at “Easy PreCustoms” online platforms. This is to facilitate the senders to receive confirmation email and to amend the data provided.
  3. Personal data collected from online platforms will only be used by Hongkong Post for the purpose of processing mail items. Such data will be transmitted to overseas postal administrations and destination customs authorities which have implemented eCustoms clearance through electronic data interchange. Hongkong Post will not use the personal data collected for any other purposes without prior consent of customers unless such use is permitted or required by law.

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