Owing to insufficient air flight capacity, we regret that extra time may be required for conveyance of your Speedpost items to the destinations despite the completion of local processes after posting. In addition, delivery operations of our overseas counterparts may also be affected due to the pandemic. The delivery standards list below are for reference only.

Classification of Mail by Format

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Postage rates for Local Mail (Letters and Packets), Air Mail (Letters and Packets) and Surface Mail (Letters and Packets) is set by reference to the mail format, namely Small Letters, Large Letters and Packets, and weight.

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Small Letter (P)

Large Letter (G)

Large Letter & Small Letter

Packet (E )

Roll Form Packet:

Supplementary Information:

Postage Rates and Services (POS 15)

Postage Rates and Services - Section 8 : Air Mail Latest Times of Posting and Delivery Standard (POS 15 Supplement)

Postage Rates and Services - Air /Surface Parcel

Local Bulk Mail Service

Speedpost Rate Plan (Pos15A/1)

Speedpost Delivery Standard and Latest Times of Posting (Pos 15A/1 Supplement)

Speedpost Service Guide (Pos 15A/2)

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