For unsuccessful door delivery, postmen will issue notification card for mail collection according to the established procedures. The addressee can collect the item from designated post office. The procedures for mail collection at post office remain unchanged.

If the mail item is to be collected at post office, the person who collects has to produce the Notification Card for mail collection and his/her valid identification document* before signing for the receipt. The name of the collector will then be recorded.

* Hongkong Post accepts the following types of identification document:

  1. Hong Kong Identity Card; or
  2. valid travel document or
  3. other identification document(s) issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region bearing a photograph of the holder; or
  4. student card issued by a local university or a degree-awarding higher education institution bearing a photograph of the card holder; or
  5. a Birth Certificate or a current student card (only applicable to a child below 11 years old).