1. All outbound mail items must pass the security inspection before despatching to other destinations. To facilitate the inspection, article in mail item should be in its original packing / container with composition and ingredients clearly indicated.
  2. A mail item which fails the X-ray screening will be opened for further examination. Staff of Hongkong Post and the security operator will examine the item to ascertain whether it is non-dangerous and admissible for onward transmission.*
  3. After opening for security inspection, a label (please see attached below) will be affixed onto the item for identification. A special code, ranging from no. 1 to 13 and P which denote the classification of the item, will be marked on the label.*
    Label of classification of the item
  4. A mail item which passes the security inspection will be delivered to air carrier or freight company for onward transmission. An item which fails the inspection or cannot be ascertained as non-dangerous to transport will be returned to sender without postage refund.
  5. If the sender can prove the returned item as non-dangerous by providing supporting documents such as Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), product manual, product specification or testing report, etc., further security inspection can be arranged.
  6. A mail item which passes the second inspection will be despatched without further notice. However, if it fails the second inspection, it will then be returned to the sender without postage refund. No further reposting of the item is allowed.
  7. Respective special codes, which will be marked on the label affixed to the mail item after security inspection, and the corresponding classification they denote are listed below for easy reference:
    Code Non-Dangerous Goods
    1 Normal battery
    2 External power bank / charger (without lithium battery)
    3 Electronic and electrical appliances (without lithium battery)
    4 Product made with high density material such as metal or crystal
    5 Computer accessories
    P Other passed items
    Code Dangerous Goods (DG) or Item Not Ascertained as Non-Dangerous for Transportation
    6 Loose lithium battery
    7 Smart phone with lithium battery
    8 Equipment with lithium battery
    9 Other DG (such as compressed gases and explosives)
    10 Unidentifiable battery
    11 Mixed types of DG
    12 Inflammable liquid
    13 Other unclassified objects