If you run an internet business that sells goods online, then try iMail. Tailor-made for shipping small-sized goods, our B2C secure mailing solution takes care of the whole mailing process from mail preparation to delivery outside Hong Kong.

Service FeaturesOpen/collapse

Destination Over 200 destinations
Delivery Speed

Delivery of iMail to overseas destinations in 4 to 24 working days (subject to situation of flight availability, customs clearance, aviation security check, force majeure events, etc.)
Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.

For delivery standards of individual destinations, please refer to "Postage Rates and Services" – Pos 15 Supplement.

Mail Tracking Online track-and-trace information is available only for destinations where the local administration provides the required tracking information.
Signature Service For most destinations, signature will be collected upon delivery.
Certificate of Posting Certificate of Posting is available for download from the EC-Ship Online Portal within six months from the date of posting.
Compensation In the case of damage or loss to a mail item, the maximum compensation amount will be determined subject to the regulations of the Universal Postal Union. The compensation amount is the declared value on the Item Acceptance Report for iMail Service, or HK$320 at maximum (whichever is lower) plus the postage paid applicable to kg charge only, with the exception of item handling fees and insurance premiums. You may choose to purchase optional insurance for higher valued items by paying a premium of $2.8 per item with a maximum coverage of HK$1,000.

Remark: Do keep The Certificate of Posting safely until confirmation of delivery. For the delivery status, can be traced starting from 2 weeks and within 5 months after the date of posting. In case of enquiry, you may

  1. access our website at www.hongkongpost.hk (under normal circumstances, only delivery status up to departure from Hong Kong will be provided), or
  2. call the enquiry hotline of Track and Trace System at 2921 2560, or
  3. complete and submit an online enquiry form on EC-ship Online Portal.

Prior to mail posting, customers can click here to check for the “Overseas Post - Service Information by Destination” of the Post Office Guide.

Charges Open/collapse

Code Destination Postage Rate
(HK $/kg)
Item Handling Fee
(HK $/item)
AF Afghanistan 101 10
AL Albania 119 25
DZ Algeria 92 10
AD Andorra 127 10
AO Angola 104 10
AI Anguilla 127 10
AG Antigua And Barbuda 189 10
AR Argentina 147 25
AM Armenia 153 25
AW Aruba 165 25
AU Australia 60 32
AT Austria 66 32
AZ Azerbaijan 121 25
XH Azores 49 10
BS Bahamas 189 10
BH Bahrain (Kingdom Of) 119 25
XJ Balearic Islands 126 25
BD Bangladesh 105 25
BB Barbados 87 10
BY Belarus 163 25
BE Belgium 69 32
BZ Belize 135 10
BJ Benin 72 10
BM Bermuda 145 25
BT Bhutan 56 10
BO Bolivia 197 25
BA Bosnia And Herzegovina 134 25
BW Botswana 82 10
BR Brazil 138 25
BN Brunei Darussalam 118 25
BG Bulgaria (Rep.) 131 25
BF Burkina Faso 138 10
BI Burundi 156 25
KH Cambodia 105 25
CM Cameroon 169 10
CA Canada 72 32
XA Canary Islands 126 25
CV Cape Verde 93 10
XK Caroline Islands 103 10
KY Cayman Islands 145 10
CF Central African Rep. 138 10
TD Chad 138 10
CL Chile 83 32
CN China, Mainland 30 30
CO Colombia 170 25
KM Comoros 82 10
CG Congo (Rep.) 257 25
CK Cook Islands 73 10
XF Corsica 120 25
CR Costa Rica 161 25
CI Côte D'ivoire (Rep.) 99 10
HR Croatia 146 25
CU Cuba 135 10
CY Cyprus 143 25
CZ Czech Rep. 133 25
CD Democratic Republic Of The Congo 89 10
DK Denmark 66 32
DJ Djibouti 161 25
DM Dominica 141 10
DO Dominican Republic 169 25
EC Ecuador 167 25
EG Egypt 131 25
SV El Salvador 99 10
GQ Equatorial Guinea 125 10
EE Estonia 165 25
SZ Eswatini 88 10
ET Ethiopia 128 25
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 234 10
FO Faroe Islands 68 10
FJ Fiji 182 25
FI Finland 146 25
FR France 70 32
GF French Guiana 125 10
PF French Polynesia 172 25
GA Gabon 164 10
GM Gambia 125 10
GE Georgia 96 10
DE Germany 68 32
GH Ghana 184 25
GI Gibraltar 96 10
GR Greece 138 25
GL Greenland 258 10
GD Grenada 189 10
GP Guadeloupe (French West Indies) 125 10
GU Guam 99 25
GN Guinea 138 10
GW Guinea-Bissau 117 10
GY Guyana 125 10
HT Haiti 87 10
HN Honduras (Rep.) 135 10
HU Hungary 138 25
IS Iceland 161 25
IN India 107 25
ID Indonesia 95 25
IR Iran 128 25
IQ Iraq 97 10
IE Ireland 145 25
IL Israel 72 32
IT Italy 65 32
JM Jamaica 125 10
JP Japan 34 32
JO Jordan 124 25
KZ Kazakhstan 155 25
KE Kenya 122 25
KI Kiribati 73 10
KP Korea, North 39 10
KR Korea, South 89 25
KW Kuwait 123 25
KG Kyrgyzstan 67 10
LA Lao People's Dem. Rep. 95 25
LV Latvia 157 25
LB Lebanon 145 25
LS Lesotho 82 10
LI Liechtenstein 195 25
LT Lithuania 145 25
LU Luxembourg 138 25
MG Madagascar 167 25
XI Madeira 125 25
MW Malawi 82 10
MY Malaysia 92 25
MV Maldives 101 25
ML Mali 281 25
MT Malta 139 25
MP Mariana Islands 99 25
MQ Martinique (French West Indies) 125 10
MR Mauritania 138 10
MU Mauritius 171 25
MX Mexico 142 25
MD Moldova 152 25
MC Monaco 44 25
MN Mongolia 39 10
ME Montenegro 161 25
MS Montserrat 127 10
MA Morocco 139 25
MZ Mozambique 140 25
MM Myanmar 96 25
NA Namibia 82 10
NR Nauru 176 25
NP Nepal 108 25
NL Netherlands 67 32
AN Netherlands Antilles 167 25
NC New Caledonia 81 10
NZ New Zealand 58 32
XL New Zealand Islands Territories 73 10
NI Nicaragua 135 10
NE Niger 72 10
NG Nigeria 124 25
MK North Macedonia 176 25
NO Norway 71 32
OM Oman 125 25
PK Pakistan 116 25
PA Panama (Rep.) 150 25
PG Papua New Guinea 154 25
PY Paraguay 86 10
PE Peru 133 25
PH Philippines 89 25
PL Poland 82 32
PT Portugal 148 25
PR Puerto Rico 120 25
QA Qatar 145 25
RE Réunion 130 25
RO Romania 153 25
RU Russia (Russian Federation) 58 30
RW Rwanda (Rép.) 73 10
AS Samoa (U.S.A. Territory) 108 10
SM San Marino 133 25
ST Sao Tome And Principe 117 10
SA Saudi Arabia 138 25
SN Senegal 99 10
RS Serbia 122 25
SC Seychelles 122 25
SG Singapore 32 30
SK Slovakia 128 25
SI Slovenia 148 25
SB Solomon Islands 108 10
ZA South Africa 118 25
ES Spain 77 32
XG Spanish Territories Of North Africa 126 25
LK Sri Lanka 108 25
KN St. Christopher (St. Kitts) And Nevis 87 10
LC St. Lucia 125 10
PM St. Pierre And Miquelon 78 10
VC St. Vincent And The Grenadines 125 10
SD Sudan 129 25
SR Suriname 200 25
SJ Spitsbergen (Svalbard) 121 25
SE Sweden 145 25
CH Switzerland 65 32
TW Taiwan 83 25
TJ Tajikistan 29 10
TZ Tanzania, United Republic Of 158 25
TH Thailand 91 25
GS The Territory Of South Georgia And South Sandwich Islands 99 25
TP Timor-Leste (Dem. Rep.) 108 10
TG Togo 138 25
TO Tonga 108 10
TT Trinidad And Tobago 148 25
TN Tunisia 89 10
TR Turkey 132 25
TM Turkmenistan 29 10
TC Turks And Caicos Islands 189 10
TV Tuvalu 108 10
UG Uganda 73 10
UA Ukraine 146 25
AE United Arab Emirates 115 25
GB United Kingdom 67 32
US United States Of America 90 48
UY Uruguay 196 25
UZ Uzbekistan 126 25
VU Vanuatu 108 10
VA Vatican 105 10
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Rep. 174 25
VN Viet Nam 95 25
VI Virgin Islands (U.S.A.) 70 32
VG Virgin Islands, British 127 10
WS Western Samoa 108 10
ZM Zambia 131 25
ZW Zimbabwe 82 10

The corresponding local handling time is tabulated below:

Local handling time#
Non-peak period^ Peak period^
within 2 working days within 4 working days

# No. of working days needed for despatching airmail (posted before the advertised latest time for posting) to the designated air carrier, subject to flight availability.

^ Non-peak period: March to October; Peak period: November to February of next calendar year.

Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.

Posting Terms and ConditionsOpen/collapse

Minimum Posting Threshold The number of items should be no less than 5 items per destination and no less than 20 items per posting. The average weight per item in the same posting should be no less than 100g. Therefore the minimum weight per posting should be 2 kg.
Posting Weight Limits

Maximum Weight

  • Each mail bag: 30 kg (20 kg for United Kingdom and Switzerland)

Minimum Weight

  • Each posting: 2 kg
Item Weight Limits

Maximum Weight

  • Each item: 2kg

Minimum Weight

  • The average weight per item in the same posting must be no less than 100g
Posting Method

Permit Mailing

A Permit Number shall appear on the top right-hand corner of the envelop. The impression (40mm wide by 20mm high) is shown below.

Please apply to the Postmaster General (Financial Services Division, Hongkong Post Headquarters, 2 Connaught Place, Hong Kong) for the permit mail service beforehand. Please click here to obtain the application forms for iMail service.

Customers should prepare “Posting Statement of iMail Service” (Pos 487R) on EC-Ship Online Portal before posting. Printing of an extra copy of Pos 487R and “Certificate of Posting of iMail Service” (Pos 20(iMail)) is available for record purpose.

Permit mailing account on the posting statement and imprinted on mail items are used for identification as the same posting. For example, mail items sent in different consignments bearing the same permit mailing account will be counted as the same posting.

Payment Method

Permit Deposit Account, Cash, EPS, credit cards or cheques (by prior arrangement with Financial Services Division). Payment by postage stamp or postage label purchased from Postage Label Vending Machine (PLVM) is not applicable.

For payment by Permit Deposit Account, customers should maintain sufficient deposit for immediate postage settlement upon posting.

Please refer to the terms & conditions of EC-Ship on the payment terms.

Mail Segregation

Customers are required to segregate mail items by destination, i.e. each mail bag should contain items to the same destination.

With effect from 1 March 2019, posting arrangement for “residual bag” is discontinued.

If mailbags are found containing items to mixed destinations, Hongkong Post reserve the right to return the whole lodgement to senders.

Individual Mail Item and All-in-one Address Label

All-in-one address labels including sender's and addressee's addresses, item barcode, permit number impression, customs declaration form (CN22/CN23) and air mail impression shall be printed through the EC-Ship Online Portal and affixed onto the front cover of each item. Please print your address labels with a laser printer to ensure readability of the barcode.

The design of the address label is as follows:

Using address labels NOT generated from EC-Ship Online Portal may subject to delay on mail handling and processing of compensation if applicable.

Mail should not bear a non-Hong Kong return address or enclose mail sent on behalf of other senders in Hong Kong.

Printing of All-in-one Address Labels

Please print the all-in-one address labels according to the following specifications:

Sheet Size: A4
Label Size: 210mm(length) x 90mm(height)
Label Per Sheet: 3
Color: White
We recommended printing shipping labels by using a laser printer for easy barcode scanning by Hongkong Post’s computer system. We may not process the item further if we are unable to scan the barcode with the computer system during Item Acceptance.
Bag Labels and Mailing Supplies Mail bags and bag labels can be collected for free at any Bulk Acceptance Offices. A bag label should be attached to each mail bag. Information including the date of posting, the permit number, destination, the bag number, the weight of each bag, the number of items should be clearly indicated on each bag label.
Item Level and Bag Level Checking

The "Posting Statement of iMail Service" (Pos 487R) is required for acceptance on bag level. The acceptance process has not yet completed until mailbags are subsequently forwarded to the processing centre of Hongkong Post, where the mailbags are opened and acceptance on item level is performed. Postings not complying with iMail service posting Terms & Conditions would be returned to senders.

Bag Weight & No. of Item

  • The postage payable will be final subject to
    1. actual bag weight shown on the electronic scale of Hongkong Post;
    2. actual number of items checked by Hongkong Post;
    3. the prevailing (i) postage charge in kg; and (ii) the handling fee per item of the destination.
  • In the event that the paid amount fall short of the total postage payable, the sender shall make up the difference immediately. When the paid amount is in excess of the total postage payable, the sender shall complete and submit an "iMail Service Refund Application" form to the Financial Services Division of Hongkong Post for refund.

An “Acceptance Report for iMail Service” containing the confirmed total weight, charges and details of the posting items will be uploaded to the EC-Ship Online Portal after successfully scanning by the processing centre of Hongkong Post. The “Acceptance Report for iMail Service” will be uploaded within 3 working days (non-peak periods) or 7 working days (peak periods) after the date of posting.

Size and Weight LimitsOpen/collapse

Weight 2kg or below

Same as the size of normal air mail letters and packets

Please click here for details

Where to post the itemsOpen/collapse

Please click here to see the list of bulk acceptance offices and their acceptance hours.

Frequently Asked QuestionsOpen/collapse

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  2. Which party to contact for enquires and claims related to iMail optional insurance?
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