Effective from March 1, 2023, the European Union (EU), Switzerland and Norway have implemented a new security and safety programme requiring all inbound and transit air mails containing goods to undergo preliminary pre-departure customs assessment at the origin of posting. Please submit accurate electronic customs declaration for the customs assessment.

Senders are required to provide a local mobile phone number that can receive SMS, so that if necessary they can receive messages issued by Hongkong Post on the requests by overseas customs authorities related to customs clearance of the mail items and take follow up actions. Hongkong Post will not embed hyperlinks in the related SMS requesting for any personal information. Members of the public could contact Hongkong Post enquiry hotline 2921 2222 direct if they have any doubts on the SMS received. For details, please click here.

If you want to send air mail items out of Hong Kong, the best option is to use our basic air service. The postage rate depends on the destination, format and weight of the item, which can be up to 50g, 500g and 2 kg for small letters, large letters and packets respectively. Destinations are divided into different zones to reflect difference in processing and conveyance costs.

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To use the service, you must follow the instructions below:

Estimated Delivery Time


Air Mail Weight per item not over Postage rate per item
No airmail service to Macao
The Mainland and Taiwan Zone 1
Asia (except Japan)
Zone 2
Japan, Oceania, Europe (except Eastern Europe and Scandinavia) and North America
Zone 3
Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South America, Africa and other destinations
Small Letter 20g $3.7 $4.0 $5.4 $5.5
30g $6.3 $6.4 $8.1 $8.3
40g $8.1 $8.8 $10.3 $10.4
50g $9.8 $10.8 $12.3 $12.4
Large Letter 30g $6.4 $6.6 $8.2 $8.4
50g $9.9 $12.0 $13.6 $14.3
Each additional 10g or part thereof
(Maximum Weight: 500g)
$1.7 $2.0 $2.1 $2.2
Packet 30g $6.7 $6.8 $8.4 $8.6
50g $10.2 $12.4 $14.2 $14.7
Each additional 10g or part thereof
(Maximum Weight: 2 kg)
$1.7 $2.0 $2.1 $2.2

The postage rates above will not be applicable if the following conditions are met:-

  1. Bulk posting of lightweight items not exceeding 150g sent to Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, or Viet Nam; AND
  2. Posting of 1,500 items or more per day, or 5,000 items or more over a 2-week period to addressees in the same destination by a single mailer.

How to pay the postage

1. Stamps
2. International Reply Coupon
3. Franking Machine
4. Prepayment in Money (not less than 100 identical items)
5. Permit Mailing (not less than 100 identical items)

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Small Letter (P)

Large Letter (G)

Packet (E)

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  1. Under what circumstances will my ordinary letter/packet be charged as “Bulk Posting of Lightweight mail items (Air)”?


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These may be sent to any address in the world for a postage rate of $3.7. As the economics of the aerogramme service are closely related to the weight of the aerogramme form itself, an aerogramme should not contain any enclosures or have an attachment other than a postage stamp or postal form / label used for posting. If an aerogramme has an enclosure or an attachment other than a postage stamp or postal form / label used for posting, or in any way fails to comply with the conditions laid down by the Postmaster General for the aerogramme service, it will be considered to be posted as an air mail item and postage rates corresponding to the mail format classification for Small Letter, Large Letter and Packet must be paid.

Plain stamped official aerogrammes are obtainable from any post office at $3.7 each. Privately manufactured aerogrammes may be used if they bear an indication that they have been approved by the Postmaster General. Forms which do not bear such an indication will be treated as ordinary air mail items and charged corresponding to the mail format classification for Small Letter, Large Letter and Packet. The postage on privately manufactured aerogrammes may be prepaid by means of a $3.7 postage stamp or, alternatively, by a franking impression made directly on the aerogramme form and not affixed by label.